Why It’s Important To Have A Good Keyword Quality Score?

It’s important when you have a pay per click search campaign to
understand how your ad rank within Google works.  I found this chart
and wanted to share because it was a real eye opener for me.

Ad Rank = Bid X Quality Score

Impact of Quality Score (QS) on Cost Per Click (CPC):

If Quality Score is: Your CPC v QS:
10                                        Discounted by 30%
9                                         Discounted by 22.2%
8                                         Discounted by 12.5%
7                    Neutral
6                                          Increased by 16.7%
5                                          Increased by 40%
4                                          Increased by 75%
3                                          Increased by 133.3%
2                                          Increased by 250%
1                                          Increased by 600%

To find a representation of your keywords’ Quality Scores in your
account statistics:

1. Sign in to your AdWords account at https://adwords.google.com
2. Select the appropriate campaign and ad group.
3. Click the Keywords tab.
4. Click the button Filter and views
5. Select Show Quality Score from the drop-down menu.
6. Click Save when you’re finished.

Each keyword will have a number showing it’s quailty score out of 10
possible.  Example:  7/10.

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