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Patty Swan Testimonial


Curtis Troyer

Hey Everyone. I feel really privileged to have been mentored by Patty Scheeler.

I had been involved in some mlm marketing companies for some time and was totally sick of trying to get friends and family to sign up in my companies.

So I decided I was going to find out a way market them online. In the mean time I was daily improving my mindset. Motivational listening and reading. I knew what I wanted to accomplish but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to get there.

You know folks, The important thing is that we take action – keep moving forward daily in our business development. Only then will you run into the right people. The right opportunities will come along at the right time. Your life automatically unfolds for you when you have a crystal clear image of that goal you will reach.

As I look back over the last four months I’ve been working with Patty, I marvel at what all I am now able to do, and what all I have accomplished. I mean folks, I was totally green to internet marketing.I now have the ability to blog, do videos, write ad copy and create capture pages that gets me leads.

Working with Patty you learn the ability to market any product you want to. Promote any business you want to. She also has some incredible affiliate programs that you can be a part of that have the ability to generate steady steams of income.

If you want to meet someone that is running at a very high vibration- extremely motivated, meet Patty join her team today!

Life Is Good and Getting Better!

Curtis Troyer http://ctincomeprofits.weebly.com



Nelly WesleyI have been distance-mentored by Patty Scheeler for 2 months.
We work together via Skype for an hour 5 days a week on the techniques for marketing over the internet.
I have found her to be not only very knowledgeable but also patient.  She quickly understood my capabilities and teaches at a pace that allows the information to be absorbed and retained.
I highly recommend her as an effective coach.

Nelly Wesley – http://nellysintegrity.weebly.com


Peter Campion
Peter Campion


This letter is to thank you Patty, for all your assistance and support.   I have been trying to develop an online business for around two years, with very little success.  I happened upon your website through a friend of mine who suggested I get in touch with you.  My friend told me that you are a professional online marketing trainer.

I am so glad that he gave me your details, because this is the first time that my secretary and I have been able to get our heads around these new concepts of selling.

I am very encouraged in that I believe our organization can have a profitable marketing business, hopefully!!   within the next few weeks.

Once again I thank you Patty for all your help.

Pastor Peter Campion – http://tender-loving-care.org/



I was reading my mail one day and ran into Patty Scheeler when she ask me to join her team.  At first I didn’t know what to think, this was the first time any one ask me to join there business with them.  I had been working by myself for two years struggling, Patty said visit my blog so I did.  

I WAS impressed by her knowledge from the first day, had no idea she was a mentor.  This was exactly what I needed.  When she said she could help me I was on-board.  Patty has given me direction and so far I’m getting results something I have never had.  Now I have one on one training three day a week and I am learning to market online the right way.  Thank you Patty  I am looking forward to more sessions!

Your Student,

Steve Hapner –  http://StevesTrainingPartners.com


Antonio Giornalista

Hello Patty, I have no words to express my appreciation for the training I received from you, I could never do it alone, keep it up the good work, too many people need you.

Thank You Patty.

Stay well and may GOD bless you.

 Antonio Giornalista




Steve EvansHowdy Folks:

  I am Steve Evans, I am a student of Patty Scheeler, If it was not for Patty I would of been one the 98% who quit the business of marketing. I have been a student of Patty’s for several months now. Her honesty and integrity is beyond reproach, her patience and understanding of each and everyone of her students is remarkable. She has the knowledge to help anybody in any business to achieve their goals with her marketing techniques, she will literally help you step by step so you can understand the concept she is teaching you. Patty Scheeler is someone you want to know and follow, besides being a wonderful mentor, she is a person in this business I can call a friend,.  
                                                                                                Steve Evans

Testimonial from Joyce Radford

Gen Clark here. I simply wanted to share about Patty and her sincere, hard-working ,dedicated spirit to see the success of  others.

She is always available to listen,help,advise and to have her on your team, be sponsored by or  have her as your teacher means the bases are loaded and you are poised to hit it out of the park, Thanks, Patty! You are always a  blessing to others and have been to myself and Lauren.


Patty Scheeler and I  met through an internet marketing course over a year and half ago.  The value and training she provides is exceptional.  Her guidance she has shared with me has not only helped me in my business, it has also shown me the meaning behind integrity.  Thank you Patty for your all your support you have provided for me with my business.

Rich Guzman


What I most appreciate about working with Patty is that she is consistent.  She does exactly what she said she would do and when she said she would do it.  I experienced unconditional support from Patty and she always made time for me.

Patty also has the wonderful ability to listen.  This is something that I learned from her and I continue to use this skill in my own business every day.

Patty is an honorable person and I want to continue to have this relationship with her for years to come.

~ Aggie Hahn


I met Patty over a year ago in a marketing class. We had an instant connection and I consider Patty a  friend. Patty is honest, hard working and has a huge drive for success.

What you will find in Patty is her willingness to help YOU succeed, she will share her knowledge and her leadership skills with you!

Patty has been more than willing to bounce ideas back and forth with me on many occasions. Patty is a natural born leader, coach & mentor. Anyone that has the chance to work with her will be blessed to have such an amazing leader like Patty Scheeler…   Patty, thank you my dear friend!

~Tami Lewis~   Phoenix, AZ.


13 thoughts on “What Others Say”

  1. Jay, Thanks for the very kind words about my leadership skills. I have been leading others now for a few years and really enjoy seeing others step up and become leaders themselves! Cheers, Patty

  2. I am one of Patty’s students, this women is unbelievable, she has literately taken me from not knowing a computer to generating leads that I have not had before, their is not enough words in the dictionary to describe the support and dedication this women has for her business and for her students, like me. I find myself VERY fortunate to have found Patty and the Integrity that she possess. Thank you Patty for showing me the honesty and integrity that all marketers should have.

  3. If you need leadership and support and a guiding hand this woman Patty Scheeler has it all, she will show you what to do and how to do it on a one to one basis. She will help you in now matter what you are selling or providing, her insight to marketing and the workings of the internet is unbelievable. She has brought me from knowing nothing about how to market to someone who is getting residuals every month in a very short time, you will enjoy here knowledge immensely and get you off the ground floor running.

  4. Patty has done it again, the insight and understanding of the marketing strategies that she teaches and uses are wonderful, her knowledge of how you can build your business, and the way she helps you make the kind of income that you desire are unique in this business,Patty Scheeler has the desire and fortitude and the understanding of marketing that will help you in your business, be sure to follow her, you cannot go wrong with Patty.

  5. Great post on back links. Some thing we all need to learn about if we want our blogs to be successful. Thanks for the information. Very helpful.

  6. Patty,

    Thanks for calling me like you said in your opt-in page that you would. I like the fact that you ask me about were I was and you listened. I feel confident that you can help me in my business and I look forward to working with you.


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