Using LinkedIn to Find Partners For Your Business

LinkedIn - Relationships Matter
"Relationships Matter"



LinkedIn is one of the latest innovations in business and technology, allowing users to stay connected to the outside world in the comfort of their homes. It is a perfect business solution for home based employees and professionals. Whether you are a freelancer or multi-level marketing associate, LinkedIn provides the services that you need to stay connected with your work associates or customers from anywhere around the world. LinkedIn is a website and application in one. It is designed for professionals who want to display their business profile for updates and for seeking new business contacts.

Signing up for an account is as easy as joining other social networking websites. Best of all, signing up for an account is absolutely free, and the ads displayed on the site are not as invasive as most social networking sites are. You can still enjoy a clutter-free environment while updating your business profile, and looking at others’ profile for possible business partnerships.

Signing up for a free account in LinkedIn has some drawbacks. A paid membership will allow you to search over 65 million members’ profiles faster, send direct messages without introductions, and organize profiles in to more specific categories. Once you have signed up as a free or paid member, you can begin creating your profile. Remember that the purpose of this site is for business related transactions and partnerships. Be sure to include the necessary information to make your profile more professional and attractive to potential business partners. After creating your business profile, you are now ready to publish it for others to view. You can also start making connections to persons that you already know or would like to know more about.

Whether you are a freelancer or part of an established business, you can build up your customer base and job prospects open for possible business partnerships by effectively using LinkedIn. You can have recommendations based on your professional abilities and work ethics, and search available jobs from hundreds of postings on LinkedIn. Most of these job posts are exclusive to the site, which gives you a higher chance of landing a job. They key to landing a partnership through LinkedIn is to pay close attention to the titles for postings that are related to your field of expertise.

LinkedIn is able to show the degree of your connection to a particular person or business that you are looking for. Joining a LinkedIn group that is relevant or related to your line of work is also one of the quickest ways to find possible matches for a partnership. For each group that you join, the necessary information will be updated to your profile, making them associated to you for reference purposes.

Searching and answering LinkedIn questions will also narrow down your matches to people with the same situation as yours. This way, you can already gather the necessary information, saving you the time and effort of asking the same question again, and waiting for the same response. If you have posted a unique question, you should regularly check your thread for updates, as many interested people have answers that might be of help for you, and may even make recommendations for you as a potential business partner.

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