Unlock Free Leads For Life With These 25 Marketing Methods

Attraction Marketing System

With the fast pace of technology, a business must make efforts to catch up with it. A right plan must be devised to come up with a firm marketing method or strategy to survive.

  • COI or the warm business market -a method in marketing where you call the people you know in the business to introduce or give an overview of your business or product.
  • Direct Calls- also known as the business to business approach. This marketing method requires skills in telemarketing and prospecting. A telemarketer then calls his or her prospect and gives a short briefing of the product or business.
  • $10,000 Referral Letter- a method in marketing where one affiliate or business owner targets a possible affiliate to help promote the business.
  • Meet-up Groups- a common marketing method where a business owner gathers possible affiliates giving them a brief background or information about the business.
  • Voice Broadcasting – or Audio Broadcasting is a powerful marketing method where a
  • speaker of the business can “burn” a cd  on which it may contain the nature of the business, benefits one gets from joining or buying the product and testimonials of people who have joined in.
  • Drop Cards- a common marketing method where one leaves a card stating the name of the business and other information.
  • Yard Signs- custom-built ad signs for your business or product.
  • Craigslist.com – a website where you can build and post classified ads. It can be a powerful marketing method to catch a possible affiliate for your business.
  • Backpage.com – an online advertising website where one can look up to check on businesses or post business ads.
  • Careerbuilder (bizz opp division) – an online employment website where one can search for a possible affiliate.
  • Email list/ List Builders- an old school approach in terms of marketing method. But it can be a powerful tool when one has an auto-responder.
  • Monster.com – is another employment website to check for possible affiliates.
  • SalesJobs.com – a sales posting site for businesses looking for an affiliate to promote their business.
  • Hotjobs.yahoo.com – a site by Yahoo! where you can post your business and may be targeted by a possible affiliate.
  • Smarthunt.com – a free job posting site where one can access resumes for affiliate targeting.
  • Sales.marketingjobs.com – a site where you can post your business for development purposes and trade marketing.
  • Zillionresumes.com – a high quality website where one post their resume for possible job.
  • Genealogy Lists (buy or scrape) – a list specially formulated for MLM. It contains different names of people who are already famous in MLM.
  • Infomercial Marketing (comcast) – a place or website where you can create a customized advertisement and information about your business at a low cost. Created ad will be seen on TV.
  • Public Speaker Approach – a marketing method where you can gather groups of people or hold a seminar that discusses the business.
  • Radio Talk Show – this marketing strategy is done in a radio station where the speaker of the business talks about the nature of business.
  • Conventions and Trade Shows – this is where big people in business industry usually gather. The trick in this method is to collect all calling cards you can and call them up after a week or so to introduce your line of business.
  • Fishbowl Prospecting – collecting calling cards from different people who you think can be a possible prospect and sponsoring them lunch or dinner to introduce your business.
  • Affinity Group Marketing- a big angle in terms of marketing method. This strategy targets the head of the company you are focusing on.
  • Situational Marketing – a marketing method where you can introduce your market in certain situations.

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7 thoughts on “Unlock Free Leads For Life With These 25 Marketing Methods

  1. Hi Patty,

    lots of great tips,I will be sure to try them all.

    Timothy Eller
    The friendly affiliate

  2. I have been fooling around on the fringes of this IM industry for a year and a half and making very slow progress. I met Patty on line recently and have made massive strides and it’s not just the ‘what’ it’s the ‘how’ as well that we need to know. Great work and thanks Patty.

  3. Patty:
    Has been my mentor for 3 months now, and in that time I have made so many strides and contacts because of her methods and her willingness to show me the correct way to market, it has been a privilege and honor to know this women and the knowledge that she possesses is beyond description, thank you Patty for all your help.

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