The Power of Content Syndication on Social Sites

Content Syndication is King!










Content syndication is basically the effort made by the writer to get their work read by as many people as possible by posting on social sites.

It is more of bringing the content, that otherwise wouldn’t be there, to the reader. Content syndication has become important for writers today mainly because of stiff competition. Everyone is creating quality content and the only way for people to read is if the information is made available to them. Social sites are becoming increasingly popular with people because they allow people to interact easily and let them create a custom impression about themselves to others. With more and more people registering everyday for sites like Facebook – Twitter – Google+, for the writer, these are the places to distribute content and get the word out there about their work.

The most powerful sites to syndicate content are those that offer greater interaction among users, websites like Facebook and Twitter come to mind. Facebook released a report end of March claiming to have 1.11 billion active members. This just goes to show the potential this site has for syndicating content. It is of paramount importance that as a writer or as an online business, you create accounts with these sites, create a base of followers and interact with them on a regular basis. Whenever you interact with your followers you need to be informative and be a resource to them. When you are a relevant source you will find that users will share your posts, thereby distributing your content.

However you can’t update statuses and respond to user feedback 24/7. It just is not humanly possible and in this regard, automated services can be useful. Basically these are like schedulers, that you grant access into your social accounts and they post on your behalf at the set time. This is very important for people who are busy during the day or the week. They actually help maintain your syndication levels and the network as a whole. Syndicating content on social networks is a must for any content driven site but it needs to be done with caution.

Lastly, just because you have written great content and shared it on a social network it will go viral. There is no guarantee. Successful content syndication is a process. As you share you need to be aware of the audience as well as to be compelling enough for them to share. As long as your posts are informative and unique people will want to be associated with them.

Here is the service that I have used for years to get my content seen.

What sources do you use to automate your content syndication?



4 thoughts on “The Power of Content Syndication on Social Sites

  1. You are without a doubt very knowledgeable on the subject. I am writing just to see if you have heard of a new social media platform being developed that will integrate all the social networks and email providers in the world. Right now it is in a BETA phase and so people are allowed to preenroll for free and start building their teams. Once it launches, then the cost of the membership will only be 9.99. If you are interested in learning more then send me an email. Regardless I will refer back to your blog on a regular basis. Thanks

  2. Hi Patty, As network marketers it is important to get our messages out to as many people as possible. Automated tools are great for this, especially the scheduling aspect, and especially if you live in a country where your main markets are asleep when you are awake. I am in Australia.

    They also leave you more time for talking to people and getting to know them better.

  3. Sue, You are so right about getting our message out to as many people as we can. This is a worldwide business so you want to be able to get the content out automatically so anyone in the world can view it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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