The New Pinterest Analytics: How Your Business can Benefit

Pinterest Analytics



Pinterest, the world’s leading image sharing networking site has recently launched the new Pinterest Analytics service that would give users access to how their content is being shared over the website.



Services of a similar nature are also being offered by other social networking websites including Facebook. The information provided through this new feature has the potential to enable businesses to derive significant benefits to grow their business.

The business analytics can provide businesses information about how many times the images posted by them have been viewed, shared, and so on. To be useful for time-pressed business users, it is necessary for the information to be presented in a user-friendly manner. That’s why Pinterest Analytics makes the information available in the form of graphs that clearly illustrate usage patterns and identify changing trends in user behavior. The service provides reports on user activity with regard to four specific behaviors that include image pins, re-pins, as well as clicks and impressions.

When you can access this data, you can spot who are your most promising customers by identifying the users who have pinned your content. For instance, the four graphs generated by Pinterest Analytics will let you know the number of unique users pinning your content within a specified time period. You can use this information to determine whether the number of users has increased as a result of a particular promotional campaign, as well as to identify who are the new users. You can also find out how many impressions your content has received and how many people have visited your website by means of viewing your content on Pinterest.

The Pinterest Analytics service also allows you to track user activity with your content in real-time. This helps you gauge the popularity of a particular content. For instance, you can get to know when your content is being pinned by a greater number of users and when its popularity is declining. This information can be used to replace the old content with more updated and current material to maintain user interest in your content and eventually your website. At the same time, you can also learn what kind of content keeps users more engaged. You can then use this information to develop products and promotional campaigns that resonate with your targeted users. You are able to access this information by clicking on the various tabs provided for this purpose on the Pinterest Analytics dashboard.

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