The Best Sponsoring Secrets to Recruit 14-25 Leaders Per Month

Sponsoring Secrets

Being in an online business requires great effort to run it. Means and ways to gathering people on your team to keep on going are necessary. There are many sponsoring secrets that you can check online and more trainings and webinars to attend.

When sponsoring, you’ll need a substantial amount of money to maintain and support at least 10-14 people to join your team, even greater when you need at least 25 to run the business with you. Now here are some sponsoring secrets revealed to keep them coming.

  •  Posturing – these is the number one sponsoring secret in making your business up and running. It is merely defined as the critical evaluation of your time, how it was spent and with whom.
  •  Lack versus Abundance – make sure that a possible recruit do not frustrate you. If they do, then you lack posture.
  •  Communication Style- is a sponsoring secret one must master to know a recruit’s way of communicating (auditory, visual, touch). Deliver according to how they answer. Give auditory response like resonating to recruits who communicates auditory, answer “get the picture? Or take a look..” to the ones who are visual and reach out or hold by the hand to those who communicate well through touch. Always communicate with an individual accordingly.
  •  Know the people you need to let go. Rude, closed minded and overly negative people do not belong to this kind of business. Remember your number one sponsoring secretposture.
  •  Objections are always out of the question. One gets this once in awhile. But it is always good to address them the way they were not addressed before.
  •  Answer questions about “Pyramid Scheme” properly. Answers like “Um, are you serious?, If you are joking, we can continue talking, if not, this is not for you and appreciate you being so open with me so early on”. Remember, this kind of question need not to be answered. That is posture.
  •  Pyramid objections are for those who have weakness in them sensed by the person they are recruiting. Unfortunately this is sometimes perceived as an insult. So just call different people and care not about the result. This is the best way to avoid silly questions.
  •  Never give a negative vibe. Though you talk to people over the phone, they can sense your body language.
  •  Be honest and confident when answering their questions. You can never recruit one person to join your team if you don’t give good answers and confidence.
  •  Don’t be too pushy. The more you push them, the higher the risk of not letting them sign-up for your team.
  •  Remember not to “close more” instead “attract more” people into giving their credit card to you. “I sold you..” and “Welcome to the team” are two different ways of selling.
  •  Always make a connection and ask help from your up-line and team members and make use of their answers as an example.

To see how each of these Sponsoring Secrets are used click here for your free webinar:   and enjoy!

16 thoughts on “The Best Sponsoring Secrets to Recruit 14-25 Leaders Per Month

  1. Ace here,
    Great overview and straight to the point I love it! Keep it up girl you on a roll sugar!

  2. Thanks Patty! I saw the webinar and it has really helped me understand the stupid mistakes that I have done so far.. 🙂 Thanks for openning my eyes: these small changes can make huge differences

  3. Hi Patty I read you blog with interest Some good points. Marketing takes a lot of time effort and investment.You have to invest some money and yourself. You have to spent time at your business. It is also a huge learning curve. You have to apply and practice what you learn. Nothing happens unless you take action. Good post

  4. You are right on Patty! it’s the time frame you must be consistent with your blogging and while writing as a new blogger do it with freedom and expression. Don’t expect to get rich over night cause that is not what this is about the objective is to build a relationship through your writing with your readers.

  5. Thank you, I am thinking that this addresses the concern very well, and show good leadership on your part.

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