Social Media Marketing – How It Can Impact Your Online Marketing Business!

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We are living in the age of social media.


Whether you run an offline business or online marketing business, you can never ignore the potential of social media marketing.

When you have an online business, participating at popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ can quickly put you ahead of the game.

Which social media channel should I focus on?

All of them listed above!  These are the most widely used and will be a great asset to your business exposure.

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What kind of strategies do I use when planning my social media marketing campaigns?

Here are some very basic rules of engagement for social media:


  1. Be yourself!  Remember this is a social site.  Get to know one another here.  Just meet and greet like being at one huge party!
  2. Have a nice picture of yourself or your brand and make sure to fully fill out the profile section for each social media channel you choose.  People want to know about you!
  3. Always lead with value.  If you are not providing any value to your audience then why would they respond?  Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, would you see any value in this post, if not then start over.
  4. The very best strategy of all is make sure you are sharing, liking or commenting on others content consistently and frequently.
  5. I like using the 80/20 rule where you post 80% value content and 20% business promotion.


One of the best ways for you to keep track of all the social media campaigns you have is to use a service called HootSuite.  It is a great place to monitor and stay engaged with all your social media campaigns in one place.  This service also helps you track your results so you can see what content is the most engaging in your specific channel for your social media campaign.


So, are you ready to start your social media marketing campaigns? Please let me know in comments.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Business

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites.

In fact, Pinterest was one of the quickest online websites reaching over ten million users in a short period of time, outbidding other social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

So what is Pinterest and how does it work?

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can organize and share all the stuffs you uncover on the web. It is a great website to start pining photos and visuals you found on the web or from your hard drive. Aside from that, you can also look through pin boards that other people design and publish.

Various brands have started getting to Pinterest and have used it for their enterprise. You also can apply it for your advantage by keeping in mind these things when using Pinterest to drive traffic into your business.

First of all, you should know that Pinterest is graphic meaning it is virtually similar to Twitter only that it is executed through images. Its visual style and design enables you to place entire quantity of varied images in a collage consequent to each other, is what separates it exactly from the rest of the social media systems. What makes it even better is that every time you found a picture on the web, regardless of whether it is a photo of your own from your hard disk or the picture of other online, you can pin it into your pin boards. You are allowed to group your pin boards into a number of unique groups ensuring that other people can search and find them.

Remember that when working with Pinterest, you should continue keep in mind the end-consumer. Find out what your clients are exactly thinking. For anyone pinning particular things about their business enterprise or pictures from their business in this social networking site, you have to make sure you hold your consumer in mind by knowing exactly what they are looking for and the things they may be enthusiastic about finding on your various pin boards.

You also have to ensure that you allow your clients to join in your pin boards. One of the best features of Pinterest is that people can give their feedback and they can share and check pinned items so they can share your content materials on their network. This presents you with the opportunity of crowding source your organization, allowing the buyers to contribute their own information to your boards that will become a great viral potential.

Getting your brand on Pinterest to the real world is very important. This means that you should not just have your brand within your personal pin boards but you should allow people to use your photographs and they will distribute it to their friends who look at their pins.

Pinterest is among the youngest social networking sites and is rapidly expanding. You should then get out there and be among the first within your market to use it in attracting customers and driving traffic into your business. If you use it ahead of your competitors, it can give you better advantage.

Pinterest is still a social site by invitation only so if you would like an invitation just contact me at  and put “Pinterest invite” in the subject line and I will get you in!


Tips On Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses the many different forms of media, sounds, pictures and words to spread a marketing message using social interactions.   The 3 sections of this type of marketing include the concept which can be art, meme or information, the media, physical, verbal or electronic and the social interface, whether it is broadcast, through the community, direct person to person or in print.

The most common forms of social marketing media include slogans, concepts and statements that people can easily remember, Grass roots using performance, public speaking and demonstrations, electronic media and print media that is meant to be distributed.

Social media is quite different from other media sources as it is accessible to everyone, inexpensive and allows anyone to publish and access the information.   Most other more traditional and industrial media is quite costly to produce.   The main common denominator between industrial and social media marketing is that they have the ability to spread their message to large and small audiences.

The internet has made it very easy for social media as there are many social websites that individuals can take advantage of such as Facebook, APSense, and  PeopleString just to name a few.   Additionally it is very easy for you to reach people around the globe and spread your marketing everywhere.   Blogs, social networks, social news, photo sharing, live casting, video sharing, product reviews, game sharing, Wikis and more make it very easy to use social media marketing online.

An important part to this type of marketing is actually listening to what the consumer is interest in. Building conversation maps to see who your customers are talking to and listening to can help as can reading case studies on what types of social media are successful.   Make sure you always get a little bit of information every time you give away something for free.   You need to collect information gently over time as people do not like to answer 20 questions for a coupon.

You also need to talk about yourself all over the internet.   You can create informational podcasts and build blogs.  Many people are taking advantage of twitter.   Look into different distribution methods as you may be able to reach more potential customers.   With all the many high tech out there still make sure you offer basic communication such as email alternatives.

You can also let your customers sell your product or you by adding social bookmarks to your most important blog posts or web pages.   If you have a good idea then you want to spread it as far as you can by voting for them on social sites, bookmarking the idea and reblogging the idea.

You can also build up your own support network where instead of coming to you for any problems the customer goes to the support community.   You can build up community platforms, start up a community group on facebook, use voting mechanisms to show which information is the most helpful. There are many free tools that you can use on the internet.

There are many resources you can take advantage of to build up a great social media marketing strategy. Realize that not all of these may be strict tactics for social media, but you should take advantage of everything you can to build up your network.