Marketing Strategy #8

I hope you’re having a great week so far. I wanted to take a couple minutes and tell you about a free keyword research tool that marketing guru, Brad Callen, just created.

Basically, you install the software and when you perform a Google search on any

keyword, it places a “view keywords” button directly below any Adwords advertiser’s


If you click the “view keywords” button, you can see the keywords ANY Adwords

advertiser is bidding on! Plus, a bunch of other very cool stuff.

I’ve never seen anything anywhere near this powerful, especially being free.

You can download it here:

=> PPC Web Spy

Make sure you go there right away, because I don’t know how long this application

will be free.


The Coolest Keyword Research Tool I’ve Ever Seen!

I wanted to tell you about a brand new, free, keyword research tool that will allow you to view any website’s Adwords keyword list.

You’ll be able to see the keywords that any Adwords advertiser is bidding on! Plus, you’ll be able to see a ton of other extremely valuable information.

The software is free, but will likely not be free forever.

Visit below to grab a copy of this brand new, free, software before it’s too lateĀ  = >>> free Adwords keyword tool

I can’t say enough good things about this program, so be sure to go there now and download a copy.

= >>> free Adwords keyword tool