Do You Have The Online Marketing Solution?

Do You Have The Online Marketing Solution?

If you have been in online marketing for any time at all, you realize that every marketer has some kind of problem to solve or issue they need to solve.

It could be getting traffic, getting targeted leads, sales conversions, setting up a sales page, setting up your entire sales funnel, etc.

I know when I first started I was so overwhelmed.  I didn’t even know where to start or who to listen to for advice and direction.

I bet you know the feeling…

Someone out there must have the solution and are willing to share what that solution is with me.  But who can I trust?

Then I started to really look at the people that were helping other people solve their problems or issues.  They really do stand out from the crowd.  A few examples of this kind of help for me were; Russell Brunson, Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Ray Higdon.  And that’s just to name a few 🙂

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from these mentors was… always be learning and always share what you have learned.  I still use this model today.

Learn   Do      Teach

This is the best way to start to stand out from the crowd too!

There are many different methods of getting the content to solve the problem out there.  I enjoy writing and publishing articles on my blog.  I also like to create videos to explain my solution to a problem.  You may like something completely different.  That’s okay 🙂

You too can provide solutions.  Because someone out there is struggling with an issue or problem that you have may have the answer to help them solve it!

If your offer will promise to eliminate pain, alleviate fear, fulfill desire, and/or provide pleasure you will have no problem helping others while making money.

Providing an offer that works must have at least one of these traits:

* Simple

* Desirable

* Believable

* Unique

* Speedy

* Scarce

Present your offer in the format of a story and this will help your conversions like you won’t believe.  Share your personal story on how you can relate to their problem and the pain it caused you, then share the solution to the problem and how that helped you solve your problem.

If you got value out of today’s post about having the solution please feel free to leave a comment below.  I personally review and respond to all comments 🙂

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Getting Traffic To Your Website: Paid vs. Free

Getting Traffic To Your Website: Paid vs. Free

Are you getting enough traffic to your website?

If you are not getting enough traffic to your website it’s like having a store and no one comes in to look around and then buy something from you.

You need to let people know “why” they should go to your website (store).
what is in it for them?  They are “the customer”.

Now, when you first start out online no one is really going to know who
you are and what you have to offer.  That kind of notoriety comes with
time and exposure.

Using free methods of getting traffic to your site is great.  Most of the social media sites, blogging, and video are a great way to get exposure, but that takes time and consistency.

You also want to be thinking about, can you scale this traffic?

With free traffic it is very time consuming and unless it goes viral, it is not scalable.  You never really know if it will go viral until it happens!

Having traffic to your website that is scalable is imperative.  If you have a sales funnel that is working well…

Why would you hold back on traffic?

You wouldn’t.

So my recommendation is to have paid traffic along with your free traffic.  That way you can become well known And continue to build and scale your business.


Some of the paid traffic methods that I use are:

Pinterest Promoted Pins (point back to your blog article)

Solo Ads  – Yes, I love this method and use it daily!  You get to write your own ad copy so there is more control for you.  You find solo vendors based on a proven method (see Solo Ad Success Formula below)

CPC – This is Cost Per Click.  You just provide a link to your sales funnel… no ad copy. Best resource listed below.

Facebook Ads – This is a great way to get in front of many people, but it will cost you.  If you target your audience then it can really be effective.

All in all, I would say that you need to use a combination of free and paid right from the get go.

Yep!  Suck it up and have yourself a marketing budget.  This is Your business 🙂

Now with that said, I also highly recommend that you track your ads.  I will have that conversation another day…

Let me know what paid and free marketing methods you are using below!

Here is a great resource for solo ad vendors!

Here is my best source for CPC advertiser

Here is the best solo ad course on the planet… Solo Ad Success Formula!

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