How To Identify A Stable MLM Business

Did you know that there are 7 Critical Success Elements that make up a successful primary MLM network marketing business?

Did you realize that if your primary business doesn’t meet these 7 key criteria that your chances of success are greatly diminished and you could be wasting time?

In fact the opportunity to make serious money is almost impossible without understanding these critical elements!

Would you like to find out what those 7 Critical Elements are and how you can benefit from having this knowledge for your business?

If your goal is to investigate a Primary Business, either one of your choosing that you are currently involved with or are thinking of joining, or ask your sponsor which company he or she is currently with use the following questions to help with your research.

Remember the definition of a Primary and to have best chance to develop long term residual income: It must be a company that offers products or services to a consumer that if there was no Business/Compensation Plan attached, there would still be a company providing products. In other word, if their, was no compensation for enrolling new member, would you still have a residual income?

Once you have found an MLM company to investigate, determine the following 7 Key Points:

1. Unique Products:

  • What category do the products fall under? (nutritional, technology, service, grocery, cleaner, educational, leads, etc.)
  • Will the customer buy the product one time or many times?

2. Company Stability:

  • How long has the company been in operation under its current name?

3. Marketing System:

  • What is the duplicatable method of enrolling new members and/or customers that every person who joins will understand and be able to implement with success?

4. Company Management:

  • What past business experience and successes do the current CEO and Executive team possess? Are they corresponding with the current company philosophies?

5. Global Reach:

  • How many countries does the company do business in currently?

6. Compensation and Incentives:

  • Is the compensation equal to your best efforts?
  • Does it payout at least 50% of all Sales?
  • Is there unlimited depth within compensation plan on customers?
  • Are there Fast Start Bonuses worth minimum of $100?
  • Are there other Rewards and Recognitions
  • Can any member achieve $10,000/month true residual with less than 500 people in the organization?  Based on a reasonable monthly purchase ($50 to $150)

7. Pay It Forward:

  • Is there a common effort by the company to give back to the community?
  • Are their sanctions in place to ensure the company is recognized globally as charitable and a company that benefits society as a whole?