What The Heck Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing Formula

What is Attraction Marketing?

I get asked this often. When people ask me what I do…. I explain that I teach “attraction marketing” methods that I have learned and still use over the years.

Almost 10 years ago I started looking around online on how I might be able to make some money online. I had left my corporate job and was way too young to qualify for retirement.


I started looking around online for a way to make money. There was plenty of information online back then (but not as much crap as now!).

I happened across a product by Mike Dillard called “Magnetic Sponsoring” and immediately purchased it.


It was life changing for me. It really helped me understand all the things I was doing wrong. I haven’t made a cold call since J People call me!

If you would like to read a review that I wrote a few years ago just go here: “Magnetic Sponsoring [Review]” .

Now with that said, Mike is in the process of re-releasing an updated version on Amazon that I believe will be out sometime in the next couple of months.

My point in telling you this background story is that as most people in the network marketing industry have heard the term “attraction marketing” and many use this method to build their business today. Because it flat out works!

And the good news is (drum roll)…

The newest edition of Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos is released!!

I have gotten my hands on an advanced copy and I am here to tell you that it is awesome.

Each chapter is a step by step process to really expand your business now. Ferny has used this as a manual to build his No Excuses business. Many of his students have gone on to make at least 6 figure incomes.

There are a few months left in this calendar year. Take advantage of this wonderful resource to finishing this year with a bang and position your success for 2015.

If you are still struggling to make it online, or just getting started, or just want to see a step by step guide – grab your copy right here, right now of theAttraction Marketing Formula”.


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The Power Of Attraction Marketing To Build Your Brand

Network marketing is a terrific way for anybody to start their own business.   Network marketing is also called multilevel marketing.   You do not require a college degree or special training to start your very own network marketing business.   No credentials must be obtained at all.  The lack of money is not an obstacle to creating your own network marketing enterprise either.  The only economic cost is an inexpensive starter kit.  In fact, usually this starter kit is less than one hundred dollars.   Attraction marketing can make your business explode.   It is the difference between mediocre performance and terrific success.

Despite the fact that it is very simple to begin a multilevel marketing venture, only a few achieve great success.   All businesses require hard work on a daily basis. It is easy to start but putting in the hard work to achieve true success is more difficult.

Why is it that there are those businesses that are profitable but yet others that are failures?   What are the habits and tricks that those entrepreneurs who succeed have in common?   We can extract the common habits that the successful share. Apply these habits to yourself.   Logically, you should experience the same success. What exactly are these common habits shared by successful business people?   There are ways of acquiring this special knowledge.

Successful business leaders all have personalities that are the central marketing theme of the enterprise.   It is the charismatic personality of a leader that is marketed.   Essentially, the business leader becomes the company brand.   Of course, the products and services you sell must be top notch.   Your customer service operations must be excellent.   This is taken for granted, however.   There are many companies providing excellent products and services. The difference is that the brand of the enterprise is actually the person.   There are ways now of learning these habits.   The tricks and secrets of applying this knowledge is available for those willing to do the search for The Internet Marketing Center

Your enterprise is promoted as an image of yourself.  The business organization is formed in your image.  Once you have developed a leadership personality, the force of your charismatic personality will attract other high quality people.  Your leadership will attract those who share your values.  These are smart, determined, successful, high quality people that you will attract.   Imagine building a sales organization consisting of other leaders who share your determination.

There are secrets to be learned that will help you develop the sales team you dream about.   Learn how to use the force of personality to attract other successful people by using The Internet Marketing Center from the man that coined the phrase, Mike Dillard.   This is all about leveraging your down line to realize the full power of your sales potential.   A sales team working under strong leadership is a powerful force.

You may believe that you do not possess the leadership personality.   Do not despair.   Study with your up line leader.   Seek out other leaders whom you can work under.   Model your behavior after your leaders that you know and trust.   Constantly be seeking wisdom.   Wisdom comes from many sources.   There is wisdom out there from others. Be open to wisdom.   It may come in many different forms.   It is possible to learn to become a leader.   You can obtain the power to attract success.   The first step is to realize that your business’s brand is you.

Attraction marketing can and does work.  Branding your business enterprise as an extension of yourself is a potent strategy.   Study the techniques of strong leaders. You are your product.   So create the best you.

Learn How Attraction Marketing Is the New Way to Provide Customer Service

How long you will keep wasting your valuable time in reading the boring advertising e-mails and receiving foolish advertising letters that end up in your spam folder. Don’t you get bored? I think most people do. They are extremely tired of this old traditional system of marketing that intends only on selling products. The old ways of marketing hardly care about the customer comfort and their interest. So why should the customer care about the sellers when the seller does not care about the customer. That is why in most cases when the network marketing companies are looking to redesign their marketing policy, they are looking for a way to build customer service back into the process of selling this is where attraction marketing comes into play

The Internet Marketing Center brings a little bit of fresh air in this old traditional marketing scenario. This concept expresses a contemporary view of marketing that suggests you let customers get to know, like and trust you before you try to sell anything. The marketer never should try to impose anything on the customer. Rather the marketer should focus on making the marketing more attractive by developing relationship with the customer so that the experience is more interesting and pleasurable.

Now how could a network marketer accomplish this? By researching the best attraction marketing systems online today, you can apply these techniques to your online business. Today some of the leading brands are adopting unique ideas of attracting the customer towards themselves rather than forcing them to buy their product. One thing that you should never forget as a marketer that, people still enjoy shopping like more than anything does. Therefore, you do not have to worry too much about selling your product if you are good at pulling the customer in and keeping them interested in your product or service.

GAP the popular garment producer have the unique technique in their marketing operation. If you go to any GAP store or showroom, no one will come to disturb you until you ask for any help or query. They will not utter a single word even if you come out without buying a thing and destroying their well assembled display. The objective of this behavior is to create an impression in your mind about the service and environment. This gentle and patient behavior will draw you towards that store and this time you might take one of your friend or relatives with you. This is called the process of customer creation. That is what you should be aiming at rather than being just a salesperson. This is the same concept as attraction marketing. Let the customer come to you!

To use the The Internet Marketing Center with great results, you should consider a couple of tips. First, make the shopping of the customer more pleasurable and interesting. You can do it through offering some free anti virus software to download for their computer or you can arrange an online quiz contest for the customer to participate. Second, ensure an outstanding service quality online for the customer. Train each new business partner of yours to take care of every desire and demand of the customer. Third is, make the environment of your business an unpredictable by changing the look of your website on a regular basis. Consider redesigning your site with any new services you are including in your latest design of your site.

The basic thing is to attract customer by giving them what they are looking for. Maintain the quality of the product and provide excellent customer service. Be creative in thinking and do not be traditional. Believe in attracting the customer rather than pushing them towards the product and trying to sell to them. This marketing method will ensure that you will have a customer time and time again. That is what the The Internet Marketing Center is all about.