Leadership – How Are You Spending Your Time?

Are you a leader for your business?

Be the Leader!

It is very easy to account for our money but it is equally as difficult to account of our time.

It is the most important and significant issue for the leaders where and how they are spending their time. Because if the leaders stop their learning they will start to loose their leadership capability as well.

As we all know time is the greatest and most limited asset of our life.

Our success depends on our investment of our time. So if you are a leader then ask your self how much time you are spending a day for the development purpose. Is it good enough for you? Is it taking you to the point of your ultimate goal? As leader, it is very important for you to be able to manage your time with great efficiency. Leaders are expected to spend a fair amount of time in leaning new techniques and methods to stay current.

Don’t be a leader who’s always trying hard to get others to think highly of you.  If you want to prove yourself an effective leader, you should inspire others (your team members) to think highly of themselves. In this way, you can boost their morale and get more done than you expect. And you should focus most part of your time on enhancing your skills by always being on the frontline and acquire hands-on experience.

Few things you might notice all of a sudden relevant to your time management are as follows. Let’s have a look.

You might suddenly discover that your time management has not been up to the mark and your skill of leadership is decreasing instead of increasing. It is working like a leaked water pipe and you can’t find where the leakage is.

You might thrash about completing your work and you have not been able to deliver your assignment in due time or you are finding yourself in last minute rush in submitting your work because you are not managing your time properly.

You might find that you are doing overtime on a regular basis to complete the previous work because you let the job remain pending earlier.

All these things happen because leaders get overconfident sometimes and they take things for granted. As a result of that sometimes they overlook some of the essential things like time management.

Another negative outcome of mismanagement of time is that the leaders loose their leadership skill gradually. Because they do not get enough time to develop their learning any more.

If you are facing situations like these you should make the necessary changes before it is too late. You have to remember these kinds of leadership issues have  not been created in a day and you can not rectify it in a day. You have to proceed gradually. Maintain the consistent and regular progress process.

On the other hand, doing time analysis is a very profitable thing. You can have several positive outcomes from this practice like you might suddenly realize that you are spending more time in your development criteria and it is bringing more positive result to your skill of leading others.

Doing time analysis enables you to become conscious about finding the cost effective ways to execute plans and doing other things.  Try to keep track of your daily tasks for a week.  Then group them and take out any that are not really necessary to improving your business and leadership skills.

Through this practice you can add significant value to your business and to its members without putting too much pressure on yourself.

How are you spending your time as a leader? Do you think you are making the best use of time to grow yourself more and more?

Want To Be Great Leader In Your Business?

It is fairly an easy job to become a good leader if you have some of the basic skills of leadership. I think all of us are taught some of those leadership skills as we went through school. The challenge is to become a great leader. One famous author said that a good leader motivates others to believe in the leader; where as a great leader influences others to believe in themselves. Basically that is the basic difference between a good and a great leader. The great leaders will bring out the best in you and help you to perform according to your potential. There are some key points that might help you to become a great leader in your business.

Develop specific and definite guidelines for your team
Specifying a direction for the business is a key element to making sure there is no confusion on where you and your business are headed. As a leader you must specify a direction for your teammates so they will have a very clear and specific idea about their duties and responsibilities. It will remove all the confusion and help them to execute the plans to perfection. On the other hand, if the direction is descriptive and lengthy your team will get confused and they will struggle to implement your idea. That will have a very negative direction for their business and their respect for you as a leader. Explain the direction in detailed step by step instructions and this will remove every bit of confusion from their mind. Always leave opportunity to ask questions as everyone learns at a different pace.

Ensure the similarities between your action and visions
You should keep one thing in mind when you design your actions and that is that your actions should match your ultimate visions and philosophical stand. If there is dissimilarity between action and vision your customers and business partners might loose respect for you and your authority will be in question. You must explain the ultimate objective of your plan to your business associates. On thing could be very fruitful that is a regular arrangement of question-answer session. It will give your partners an opportunity to clear up any confusion. Apart from that you must ask yourself while designing every plan is “does it get you and your business the desired outcome”? Be very clear and keep it simple.

Focus on team building and keeping up the tempo
It becomes an easy job to execute a plan if it is done through teamwork. So as leader try to build up teams within the organization. One of the most crucial things that you must show is confidence in the ability of your teams. If you can do that, you will be able to build a sense of urgency within the teams and at the same time you will earn a lot of respect from your teammates as well. Building up teams and helping them to keep up the tempo is a regular job of a leader and your greatness lies in how you do that. You can’t interfere too much in the works of the teams too much as this process will also provide opportunity for others to show their leadership skills while under your guidance. A great leader lets his or her teams do the work in their own style. As a leader your job is to monitor them and giving them advice and support when required.

It is a really important skill to learn if you want to be successful in business. So when you are out there looking for the right business make sure that one of the criteria to choosing a business is to find at least one great leader to follow and have them mentor you.