How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day…

Turn A Bad Day To Good


We have all had bad days… right?

Last week I awoke and realized that I had the worst flu of my life!

Everything was hurting.

You know…

Head, body, throat, and especially my lungs.

The flu 🙁

When you run your own business this can be a real issue…

or can I turn this really bad day to good?

As an entrepreneur you know what it is like…

Can’t go a day without checking email so you can respond to all the questions from leads, welcoming new leads, and building relationships.

This is what I saw when I logging in:

Screenshot leads

It sure turned my really bad day into a good day!

Actually made me smile 🙂

Having your pipeline (sales funnel) filling daily from traffic makes all the difference in the world to your business.

I know that traffic is a real struggle for many building their online business.

I solved this.

I do this by showing you how to generate leads with a really fun technique I have mastered and works really well (see above screen shot).

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Subject:  Bad to Good!

Let’s turn those bad days into good days! Contact me today to find out about how to generate leads with my fun technique!

Patty Scheeler – Integrity Networker Owner

Patty Scheeler

3 Key Elements To A Content Marketing Strategy

3 Key Elements To A Content Marketing Strategy

First we should define content marketing.

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience to ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Now let’s do a little research…
Element 1: “valuable” content

This is extremely important to reach your target audience. You need to know who your audience is so you can track what kind of content they are sharing and where are they sharing it.  If you have not defined your target audience then you can read how to do that in my post: “Have You Identified Your Ideal Customer Yet?”

Are they on social media, forums, communities, and groups, etc.?  Start paying attention to the questions and issues they are having.

Element 2: “relevant” content

Now that you know what kind of content your target audience is sharing and where they are sharing it, you can create content that will help with the issues and/or problems they are talking about. Just jump into the conversation by giving solutions or where they may find solutions.  Do not sell here, just  be helpful.

You will start to build your authority, brand awareness, and active followers by providing relevant content.

Element 3: “consistent” content

Content consistency is key to keeping the targeted audience informed and interested in the information you are providing.  Whatever your plan is; once a week, once a day, three times a week, etc.  you need to stick with that plan.  This will help your audience know when to expect your content and keep them curious and interested.

You can check out the video I did here to help put this all together:


Now it’s time to create a content execution plan.

This plan should include detailed information like how many videos, blog posts, webinars per week. Go ahead and schedule them on your calendar.

You can take one valuable, relevant idea and create many different forms of content from that idea. This will help with consistency 🙂

As an example:

I will take questions from my audience and then turn them into articles, video and visuals to syndicated my content on the different social sites.  Take a look at this blog post for example.  I created a picture for the heading (Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, etc.),  then created a video (YouTube), and another graphic for the Call To Action (CTA).

As long as I am posting my content according to my content marketing strategy all of these media are helping me be consistent.

The last part of this content marketing strategy is to make sure you are driving people to the site you want to create your profitable customer action. Yep, your money making site!  That’s why I pull it all together on my blog!

Having a content marketing strategy will help stop the frustration and overwhelm you may be feeling in regards to creating content for your business on a regular basis.

If you want to stop frustration and crush overwhelm dead in it’s tracks… Click the banner below now!

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3 Red Hot Tips To Get People To Buy From You…

3 Hot Tips

Want to know 3 red hot tips to get people to buy from you?

Ever get the feeling that you are marketing only to get leads?

No sales… right?

That can get pretty frustrating quickly and…  get really expensive.

I have a process in place that when I get new leads I introduce myself and I ask them…

“What is the biggest problem in your business today?”.

I had quite a few responses that go like this:

“I can get people to my sites but I can’t get them to buy…”

So let’s take a few minutes and see why that may be an issue.


Tip 1: Website relevant to visitor

Have you done a good job identifying who your ideal customer is and where they hang out?

If you are fishing in the wrong pond… you won’t get fish no matter how many fish are in the pond.

Once you have narrowed in on your customer… you can provide them with quality content that will help inform them and as an added bonus they will get to know you better. This promotes knowledge and trust.

If you want more information on how to identify your ideal customer check out my blog post here.

Tip 2: Website is clear on the benefits

If you want people to purchase products from your website make sure your site has clear, easy to find benefits of your product, and what it will do for them.

Example (weight loss product):

Benefit: Loose 10 pounds safely your first month with our exclusive patented powder.

Benefit for your customer: Your husband won’t even recognize you! That little black dress has never looked better on you… see that sparkle back in his eye?

This is called the benefit of the benefit and does a great job selling the product or service.

* A special thanks to Bill Pescosolido for this great tip, the benefit of the benefit, at an event I went to this year.

Tip 3: Visitor believes the claims on website

It’s always good to have product and/or service testimonials.

Big word of warning here…

Make sure they are real.

Ask some of your customers share with you the benefits of the product and how it helped solve whatever problem or issue they were having. Have them share what they felt like after the issue/problem was solved. Then have them provide a nice picture of themselves and let them know you are going to publish this on your website.

If they would rather do a video that’s great too!

Social proof is one of the best ways to sell 🙂

Here are a few testimonials about that others have shared about me.

I hope you got some value from these 3 tips to get people to buy from you.

Please feel free to share if you have any additional tips of if you just want to share a story. I always reply to my comments personally.

Patty Scheeler

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