3 Simple Steps To Online Success

3 simple steps to online success!

Why are some people more successful than others online?

Are they doing something different than you?

Let’s take a look at that.

One of the biggest keys to success is to find a really good working ascension sales funnel.


What does that mean? “Ascension Sales Funnel”

Ascension Sales Funnel is:

Starting out with a lead magnet (usually something free)

Then the lead goes to a thank you page where you share the goal for them opting in.

Next is what is called a “trip wire”. This is usually an offer that is small dollar ($1 – $10)

Next comes the core product. This is where you should be making your marketing dollars back. (Usually a $50-$300 product or service)

Then comes the Profit Maximizers!   This is the back-end product or service that will really boost your income.  (These can run anywhere from $500-$50,000)

You can see how if this sales funnel works properly then you really can become very successful…


There are many programs out there that will provide that for you (usually for a monthly fee).

Here is my personal favorite 🙂


Once you have a working ascension sales funnel:

Step 1

Use paid advertising!

There are all kinds of paid advertising available to you. There is Facebook ads, Pinterest promoted pins, Instagram ads, Solo Ads, etc.

Pick one stick with it and have a monthly budget that will support the paid advertising.
Step 2

Use a personal thank you page.

Make sure to personally brand yourself on your Thank You page. A short video is best but you can also just use a nice picture of yourself 🙂

Let your new lead know exactly what to expect from singing up on your list.

Then a strong call to action at the end. Example: “Click here for more information”

Step 3

Communication with your list!

This is extremely important and vital to building a relationship with your list. Story based emails are great to use… (I mean who doesn’t like a good story…right?). You can use video content or a combination of both.

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I hope you got value from this tip today 🙂

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How Residual Online Income Can Change Your Life

People keep on searching new ways of earning money while putting in a minimum effort. With the overall economic condition is going down in today’s global world, people have got more desperate to find new sources of income. That is where home online businesses have earned huge popularity.

There are two basic reasons why people are getting interested in engaging themselves in online business. First is in terms of online business you have no “boss” to dominate you here you can work according to your schedule and interest. The second is that online business has become vastly popular because here you can earn a handsome amount of residual online income through performing your recruiting skills and teaching others to do the same.

Today we are going to have a discussion about the residual online income and its impact it can have in your lifestyle. Let us first have a view of the definition of the residual income that comes your way online.

Residual online income is the concept that indicates one of an outgoing stream of payments based on completions of past services. You will be paid whenever the customer you brought into the business will purchase any goods or services from the relevant company. The company will count your salary be as an expense of marketing intermediaries or a “go-between” for a specific company based on your advertising and marketing skills. Interesting point of the income structure is that you will keep on getting the commission as long as your customer consumes the product of the company.

It is great way of achieving the solvency because you have to put in a good strong effort at the beginning of your business operation and you will continuously get your dividend. It is a system that moves automatically if you can just recruit the right kind of serious people at the beginning.

Now let us talk about how it can create impact on your life. Frankly speaking, if you are a professional having an orthodox job of nine to five, you are being restricted by a few things.

  • First, you get a very little space of making an extra income that you can save or spend for your travel or shopping.
  • Second, you are bound to follow a regular schedule of office decorum (like working specific hours, working on what they want you to work on, dress code, and many other restrictions)  whether you like it or not.
  • Third, you always have the pressure of executing the instructions from your boss and the last but not the least you get a very little time to spend with your family.

All these problems that you face can make your life boring and full of tasteless experiences within a few years. That is where the idea of making residual income online can be great solution for you. Here you have no worries of office decorum neither you have to listen what you boss ask to do nor you have to stay away from your family and friends for a long time.

Along with that the positive aspect of that is you can keep on earning money by giving a good effort at the beginning. However, before you start the business one thing that you must ensure that you will have to have patience as you might have to wait a bit before you start earning and another thing is you will have to ensure a regular presence online and to be consistent to see actual results over time. For that you need a marketing strategy and a good mentor to help you build that residual online income.

So let us start the business and start making money on a regular basis through residual online income. What you say?

Are You Managing or Leading?


As you may have noticed, your role as an entrepreneur casts you immediately into a leadership role as soon as you bring in anyone to your business.

Honing your leadership skills will help you grow your business.  As you increase your leadership skills it will also enhance your networking efforts.  As you are seen more and more out in the market place as a leader, people will follow.

Now with that said, you don’t just want to people to follow you.  You will want to inspire and motivate people into becoming leaders in their own right.

In researching this topic I ran across a statement by Andy Christiansen, President of High Capacity Leadership Training in Georgia –

“One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make is confusing management with leadership.  Management is more about overseeing the accomplishment of tasks – it doesn’t go much beyond that day to day.  Leadership is much bigger than that.  It’s about taking people somewhere by inspiring and motivating them.  If all you’re doing is managing, you’re not really leading.”

After reading that statement it really made me stop and think about what I was doing in my business.

Was I leading or managing?

Well I am going to be very honest here…  I was doing both but; I have to admit I was spending a lot more time managing than leading.  What an eye opener for me!  So I immediately planned on changing that aspect of my business and my team.

How was I going to do that?

One word – Vision

I had been managing my business really just as a task-oriented manger.  I needed to change this with a “vision” of where we were all headed.  Not just how to get there!

So my partners and I got together to discuss what that future would look like and what our team’ s real contribution would be to the marketplace and our new partners and clients.

We finally had a direction that got us all very excited!  We as leaders all have different strengths and would build our vision based on those strengths.

We identified a strong need in the home based business industry of people needing one-one-one help and training with how to start their home business and then how to market it.  That’s where we shine!

With all the different strengths our core leadership team has we could provide years of expertise in many different areas to our clients.  How exciting!

Now there is a vision we needed some with guidelines.

#1 – Integrity

As leaders we “must” do exactly what we say we will do.  Every time.  People are looking for leaders with integrity.  This is our core value in our leadership team and we walk the talk.

#2 – Accountability

Our leadership team set goals and hold each other accountable to those goals.  This really has helped the business continue to move forward.  We also pair up people in our group so they have an accountability partner.  This accountability partner program is also for encouragement and problem solving for both their businesses.

#3 – Mentoring

An important part of being a leader is also finding mentors of your own.  You can spend time with leaders that you know or you can hire a leadership coach.  It is important while looking for the mentors for you or your team to not just decide a mentor by age because of experience.  Wisdom travels both ways!

#4 – Feedback

Be open to receiving leadership feedback from others.  This will only make you a better leader and grow your business.

I have to say that researching this topic really helped me put my leadership and management skills into perspective.  I feel more confident about the direction my business and my team are headed.

How are your Leadership skills?  Are you managing or leading?

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