Marketing Strategy #5

You should have your autoresponder e-mails in place at this point and now its time for the next piece of the puzzle…


You want something that resonates with you, something that you would click on if you saw the domain name in an advertisement.

You want it to bounce around your head a few times and have a catchy little ring to it that people will remember.

Now we recommend 2 domain registrars…

This first one we recommend is one everybody has heard of. Chances are you own at least 1 if not hundreds of domains from this registrar already, GoDaddy

Godaddy is nice because you can purchase extremely cheap domains, you can add e-mail to your domain, and you can create a TON of sub-domains…very user friendly as well.

The second registrar is slightly different…

It can actually create a very VERY sizable income stream for your business. I know people that are making $10,000+ per month from this domain registrar alone!

This is a very powerful income stream that pays affiliate commissions up to 5 levels deep!

Come check out GDI, or Global Domains International:

Ok, now that we’ve got the 2 basics out of the way, your autoresponders and your domain name, its time to dig into the fun stuff…you guessed it, MARKETING!

See you soon!