Stop Spamming Me in Social Sites!

I don’t know about you guys but I have totally reached my limit when it comes to spamming in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Friend Feed just to name a few.

Here I am trying to introduce myself to fellow network marketers and give them some information about myself and to learn about them, you know… just making friends, and 90% of the time I get back a pitch for whatever business they are in.

Now, do they really think I am going to just say “you betcha! I’ll join you”? What are they thinking? I have not idea who they are, what they like. Will I like them? Do I trust them?

Oh wait, they are thinking about themselves and trying to make a sale. Not really trying to connect with people and form friendships.

I just want to shake them and show them the correct way to “network” on social sites. So what I have decided to do recently is to reply to them with an offer to “help them learn the correct way to conduct yourself in a social setting”.

So what I send back to them is:

Thanks for your email and the information about your business. I hope you are very successful.

My intention for being part of this community is to meet other network marketers and share valuable content and ideas. You know, just get to know each other.

Part of my values in working online is to share ideas about “The Internet Marketing Center” and how it helps online marketers.

What is your core value for your business?


Now some people just delete my response and that’s okay. I don’t think they will ever “get it” anyway. Others have responded and we have great conversations going back and forth. Pretty soon you realize that you either have things in common with them or you do not.

Like I have said before, it’s like going to a big party and meeting new people. Some you will want to get to know better and others… not so much. But at least you are not being spammed while at the party.