Unlock Free Leads For Life With These 25 Marketing Methods

Attraction Marketing System

With the fast pace of technology, a business must make efforts to catch up with it. A right plan must be devised to come up with a firm marketing method or strategy to survive.

  • COI or the warm business market -a method in marketing where you call the people you know in the business to introduce or give an overview of your business or product.
  • Direct Calls- also known as the business to business approach. This marketing method requires skills in telemarketing and prospecting. A telemarketer then calls his or her prospect and gives a short briefing of the product or business.
  • $10,000 Referral Letter- a method in marketing where one affiliate or business owner targets a possible affiliate to help promote the business.
  • Meet-up Groups- a common marketing method where a business owner gathers possible affiliates giving them a brief background or information about the business.
  • Voice Broadcasting – or Audio Broadcasting is a powerful marketing method where a

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