5 Current Rules For Quality Blog Traffic

5 Current Rules for Quality Blog Traffic


One of the very best ways to create quality blog traffic is to build an audience and create some buzz. The more you engage with your audience the more loyal they will be and they will follow you and share your content. This will drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Here are 5 current rules for creating quality blog traffic:

Rule 1: Create your own content

By becoming a curator you are standing out from the crowed. You want to make sure you are giving your viewpoint, your expressions and feelings, and recommendations to be able to build your audience. This is how they will connect with you.

Rule 2: Write stories that will engage your audience and what people are looking for – what’s trending now?

Writing about trending items is a great way to get traffic. Do some research on what is trending now and use the trending terms as your keywords. Here are a few places to see what is trending now:

* Look on the right side of the newsfeed in Facebook. There is a trending box.

* On the left side of your feed in Twitter there is a Trends area

* Search “what’s trending now” and this will provide you with a list of different social sites like Yahoo News, BuzzFeed, YouTube, etc.

Rule 3: Promote your content

I know this sounds like the obvious, but you want to make sure this new content gets seen. I use HootSuite to syndicate to social sites. Another place I use is called Onlywire. With a push of a button I can syndicate my new content to over 30 sites!

Rule 4: Re-Purpose your content

Building content in different formats will provide your audience the ability to comment and share with the format they connect with the most. Some ideas are taking your article and create a slide deck (share on slideshare.net), create Infographics that tell the story (share on Pinterest), create video to illustrate a certain point you are trying to make (publish on YouTube).

If you would like to see more on this topic please visit my blog under the Video Training tab.

Rule 5: Plan your posting execution

To make sure you are engaging your audience and generating leads from your content I highly recommend that you create a “content marketing plan”. This will help you plan your content on a weekly basis. This will also let you do the keyword research once. With some tools, such as WordPress, HootSuite, Onlywire you can pre-schedule your posts. This also helps when you are on vacation!

Once you have mastered these 5 rules to get quality blog traffic you should be seeing your website get more visits and you should see your audience grow.

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Ideas For Making Money Blogging

 Ideas For Making Money Blogging



Make Money Blogging

Making money blogging


Making money blogging does not take a special talent. Although, it does take a bit of patients and dedication. Maybe writing is not your strong suite, but practice and a little know-how, you will be fine. There are many choices to choose from when it comes to making the money. If you do your research, and things are done right, you just may start bringing in a nice income every month.

Starting a blog is not going to bring in income over night. This is a fairly slow process, but if you keep at it no matter what, you will begin to start bringing in some money. Most bloggers don’t make it because they choose to not stick with it during the first slow few months.

Choosing a topic that you are passionate about will help you create quality content on that subject. This can also help you want to work with it longer. One can usually tell when a writer loves what they are writing

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