3 Simple Steps To Online Success

3 simple steps to online success!

Why are some people more successful than others online?

Are they doing something different than you?

Let’s take a look at that.

One of the biggest keys to success is to find a really good working ascension sales funnel.


What does that mean? “Ascension Sales Funnel”

Ascension Sales Funnel is:

Starting out with a lead magnet (usually something free)

Then the lead goes to a thank you page where you share the goal for them opting in.

Next is what is called a “trip wire”. This is usually an offer that is small dollar ($1 – $10)

Next comes the core product. This is where you should be making your marketing dollars back. (Usually a $50-$300 product or service)

Then comes the Profit Maximizers!   This is the back-end product or service that will really boost your income.  (These can run anywhere from $500-$50,000)

You can see how if this sales funnel works properly then you really can become very successful…


There are many programs out there that will provide that for you (usually for a monthly fee).

Here is my personal favorite 🙂


Once you have a working ascension sales funnel:

Step 1

Use paid advertising!

There are all kinds of paid advertising available to you. There is Facebook ads, Pinterest promoted pins, Instagram ads, Solo Ads, etc.

Pick one stick with it and have a monthly budget that will support the paid advertising.
Step 2

Use a personal thank you page.

Make sure to personally brand yourself on your Thank You page. A short video is best but you can also just use a nice picture of yourself 🙂

Let your new lead know exactly what to expect from singing up on your list.

Then a strong call to action at the end. Example: “Click here for more information”

Step 3

Communication with your list!

This is extremely important and vital to building a relationship with your list. Story based emails are great to use… (I mean who doesn’t like a good story…right?). You can use video content or a combination of both.

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I hope you got value from this tip today 🙂

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What Factors to Consider for Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy to do however to do it well takes a lot of time and effort.  With a little passion for what you are selling and blogging about coupled with some innovative and savvy techniques you can have a profitable affiliate based business.

There are a number of factors to be considered when looking into effective affiliate marketing and what to promote. Here are some of the things that can be seen as relevant when tackling these concerns. Consider your target audience by which I mean start with your reader when considering what to promote. Relevancy is a very key subject concerning this.

Genuine recommendations and personal endorsements always work well and these recommendations of things you personally and genuinely like are always another highly valued route to follow as you can imply more passion around these things.

Linking to quality products the better the products that you recommend the more your readers will thank you for suggesting it.

Contextual and deep Links work very well in general you’ll definitely have more luck promoting a product from within a post than on a sidebar somewhere else.

Consider your positioning of the links put these links/banners in parts of your blog that are more likely to be seen by your readers at the top of posts for example is a good place to put them however don’t use huge gaudy banners as these will detract from your post and leave you looking like a used car salesman.