Marketing Strategy #7

In my last post we talked about VIDEO Marketing and how many people you can reach through YouTube alone (not to mention the countless other video hosting sites that pop up each and every day).

I just realized that I didn’t even touch on the fact that you can OWN the top 10 spots on GOOGLE overnight with video marketing.

What would a top spot on Google’s organic search engine be worth to you?

With YouTube, its free  😉

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Lucky for you I put together some information for you so you could learn how to do Keyword Research and 100% totally own Google:

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Once you’ve done your keyword research then you need to leverage all the different web2.0 websites out there and you need to automate the YouTube building process so that you can get indexed by Google OVERNIGHT and EXPLODE your exposure on YouTube.

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Why It’s Important To Have A Good Keyword Quality Score?

It’s important when you have a pay per click search campaign to
understand how your ad rank within Google works.  I found this chart
and wanted to share because it was a real eye opener for me.

Ad Rank = Bid X Quality Score

Impact of Quality Score (QS) on Cost Per Click (CPC):

If Quality Score is: Your CPC v QS:
10                                        Discounted by 30%
9                                         Discounted by 22.2%
8                                         Discounted by 12.5%
7                    Neutral
6                                          Increased by 16.7%
5                                          Increased by 40%
4                                          Increased by 75%
3                                          Increased by 133.3%
2                                          Increased by 250%
1                                          Increased by 600%

To find a representation of your keywords’ Quality Scores in your
account statistics:

1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
2. Select the appropriate campaign and ad group.
3. Click the Keywords tab.
4. Click the button Filter and views
5. Select Show Quality Score from the drop-down menu.
6. Click Save when you’re finished.

Each keyword will have a number showing it’s quailty score out of 10
possible.  Example:  7/10.