How to Team Build Successfully

How To Successfully Build a Team
Successful Team Building


Team building will come in handy in just about any job or career you partake in.  Team building is useful because it allows teams to mesh and become like one unit.  When you get a team that works together, you get a team that is efficient, fast and effective at what they do.  Despite all of the benefits, many leaders don’t seem to realize the enormous benefits associated with team building, and many leaders are content with employees who work independently and not as part of a team.


It is important to build successful teams in almost any work environment.  There are steps involved when building teams that must be followed to ensure each team works together efficiently and successfully.

Select people for each team – It is up to you, as the leader, to let individuals get into their own teams or you can also pick the teams for them.  It’s good to match up people that are opposites and have different strengths.  This helps the team move forward as a whole unit.  I have also found that it helps if they have something in common like geography or special interests.

Introductions – An introduction to each of the teammates as new members come into the group will facilitate the group moving forward and “get to know you” stage of the process.  There are thousands of methods available – pick one that best fits your management style.  Our team uses Skype to communicate with the whole team and make introductions worldwide.

Accountability Partner – It is important that your teams meet and work together on a regular basis but each team member should have one “accountability partner” that helps keep them on track and help each other with any issues they may face for the good of the team.  This will further cement their relationships and show each other their more personal side of life, versus just their professional side.  I met my “accountability partner” in a 90 Day Challenge class and we have been together for over two years now.


The hardest part of team building is actually assembling the teams and getting them to mesh. The next hardest part is motivating said teams so they will work together efficiently and become more productive.  The easiest way to motivate teams is to give them some sort of incentive to encourage productivity and efficiency.  Whether this incentive is in the form of a bonus, special gift, or some type of special recognition, the decision is up to you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some members of the team might not get along with other members.  It is important to let your team mates know that they can approach you with any problems regarding the members – this will ensure they aren’t hiding anything important that could cause the entire team to lose production or becoming demotivated.

Working on a motivated team that works well together can be a lot of fun and very lucrative for each team member.   Building this kind of team is very satisfying.  It’s great to see people being successful and happy doing their work.  Make sure you find a good leader to help build your team!