Stop Paying Aweber For Dead Leads!

Tired of Dead Leads-



Are you paying Aweber for dead leads?

When I first started out building my list no one ever told me that I should be cleaning it up each month.

After a couple of years I ended up with over a thousand leads that were not paying attention to me at all.

Oh, and to top it off…

I had been paying Aweber all along for these leads to ignore me!

So I did some research on Aweber and they showed me how to segment the “no open” leads and then send them a reactivation email to get them paying attention or off my list. Very helpful 🙂

I shot this video today so I could show you EXACTLY how this is done:

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4 thoughts on “Stop Paying Aweber For Dead Leads!”

  1. Patty
    you are very inspirational and,you certainly know your business..I am quietly impressed.I will be spending more time using your system and ideas.

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