ViralURL [Review]

There are very few applications that leave their mark in the online marketing industry after they are released. ViralURL is certainly one of them. Affiliate and internet marketers love this software for its excellent functionalities, great features and the ease of use. Being an affiliate marketer myself, I’ve used ViralURL to my several benefits. Since I started using this software application I’ve noticed substantial improvement in my moneymaking programs.

Before I recommend you to get ViralURL, let me discuss some of the most important features that the application has. When you know what this digital product can actually do, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision.

Here’s what ViralURL can do –

#1. Affiliate Links Protection
This is one of those features that make ViralURL one of the best buys for affiliate marketers. Though affiliate marketing is a powerful means of earning a decent income online, it also includes some pitfalls that you must avoid. One of these drawbacks is the stealing of affiliate commissions. After you start using ViralURL, you won’t need to worry about affiliate commission theft anymore.

The software has the potential to cloak, protect, shorten and track all of your affiliate links in an effective and well-organized manner.

#2. List Building
The second best feature of ViralURL is its list building capabilities. By using this application, you’re sure to establish a massive stream of downline with minimum effort. If you want to advertise or promote a particular program via email marketing, ViralURL makes it simpler and easier.

#3. Advertising Tools
No matter what type of online marketing you specialize in, ViralURL has something to offer for almost everyone. If you advertise online to grow your business or attract more traffic, this application can provide you with some of the handiest tools you’ve ever used. And you don’t need to be an internet guru to start using these advertising tools. They are pretty easy to use.

#4. Lead Generation
Whether it’s an internet marketer, advertiser or a network marketer, they all strive to generate more leads. ViralURL offers you an excellent opportunity to generate a huge amount of qualified leads via their system mailer. This is an optional upgrade that can fetch you high quality leads at a very cheap rate.

The best part about ViralURL (when it comes to email marketing) is that it has a proven track record of bringing higher conversion. I’ve used a couple of other software programs (like this), but I’ve never got such excellent results as ViralURL has delivered me. Its mailer tool continues to help me make more online sales every day of the week, and every week of the month.

I’m extremely thankful to Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer for putting together such a great product for internet marketers (like you and me).

As you can see, using ViralURL is like hitting too many birds with just one stone. Whether you want to build an email list really fast, boost your online income, divert more traffic to your web properties or protect your affiliate commissions, this application is just the right way to go.

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