The Copywriter’s Guild [Review]

Do you know the ‘big secret’ of all 7-figure network marketers? Thanks to Tim Erway and Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring that they gave us such a powerful guide as the ‘Copywriter’s Guild’. The comprehensive training course teaches you how you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars as a network marketer by ‘working less’ so that you can spend more time with your kids, family and friends. But is that really possible? Yes, it is.

When it comes to network marketing, copywriting can do wonders. But all of that is possible only when you know how it actually works. The ‘Copywriter’s Guild’ is, therefore, aimed at teaching you the special skill of copywriting. It teaches you to make 6-figure or 7-figure income without chasing prospects over the phone or in person. By utilizing the massive power of copywriting, you can create a sales letter, a video script, an email or a website to sell anything.

You may have spent thousands of dollars to get a copywriting training program that delivers quick results. If you didn’t find one yet, the Copywriter’s Guild is just the best option to go for. It will save you the next thousands of dollars that you’ll otherwise spend finding a course that really works.

In the Copywriter’s Guild, Mike shows us how he can do 1000s of presentations in a single day while the average network marketer can only give 10-20 presentations in a day. That’s the power of copywriting. And that’s what Mike’s training program called the ‘Copywriter’s Guild’ will do for you.

Before deciding whether the ‘Copywriter’s Guild’ is something you really need, let’s have a look at what (the modules) it has to offer.

#1. Course Introduction
#2. Speed Copy
#3. Squeeze Pages
#4. Auto-responders
#5. Sales Pages
#6. Order Pages
#7. Up-Sells
#8. Test & Track

Apart from the above mentioned modules, the Copywriter’s Guild also offers you a couple of very interesting bonuses. In the form of bonuses, Mike shares with you a simple system that he’s used himself to create killer capture pages and generate a high amount of business leads. In addition, the copywriting guide comes along with advanced techniques of sales funnel monetization and training on how you can make more money by selling through video sales letters. What’s more, it also provides you free access to several successful sales copy reports.

Copywriting has allowed Mike to make around $1.4 million in just a matter of 7 days. By leveraging the power of effective copywriting, Mike has been able to generate as many as 500 leads every single day. Mike doesn’t need to cold call people anymore. He doesn’t require urging his friends to attend a meeting. The million dollar skill of copywriting allows Mike to create a sales letter. While he writes this letter just once, it keeps on selling his business (and products) to people again and again. A real ‘sponsoring machine’ indeed!

If you want to create a sales letter that can fetch you as much as $1 million (or more) in just 24 hours, get the ‘Copywriter’s Guild’ right away.

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