ListJoe [Review]

List Joe

Are you struggling to increase leads to your home-based business?

ListJoe can help!

Well, there are hundreds of thousands of internet and network marketers who expect to generate a large of number of leads but their effort doesn’t bring them the desired results.

Developed by a much known internet marketer Jonah Klimack, ListJoe can quickly change your ‘tough situation’ into an ‘opportunity’ where you can make more money from your business.

Yes, I’ve been using ListJoe for a couple of years now and this list building program has given a new shape to my network marketing business. Today, I’m able to get more sign-ups and generate more leads.

ListJoe is highly loved by home business marketers (like you and I) around the globe. With so many features, functionality and benefits, how can anybody not love this truly profitable email marketing system?

If you haven’t yet fallen in love with this powerful moneymaking system, you really need to look at a couple of key features of this list building and email marketing product. ListJoe is so powerful as to turn even the little guy into a successful business marketer.

Key Features & Benefits

The best part about using ListJoe is that it brings you an excellent opportunity to email as many as 3,000 members as quickly as you sign up. The moneymaking system allows you to earn credits by reading other members’ emails or referring other people. The accumulated credits can then be used to send your own advertising emails to other members.

But that’s just the start. There are many more excellent features that ListJoe offers home-based business marketers.

#1. You’ll be surprised to know that around 2 million emails are sent everyday via the email marketing system of ListJoe. And it offers you an extremely high deliverability rate of around 96%. Since I use it myself, I can tell you that it’s one of the most powerful email advertising system I’ve come across.

#2. ListJoe is appreciated by a large number of internet marketers due to its easy to use features, sophisticated technology and numerous benefits. Today, ListJoe has to boast around 60,000 active members.

#3. One of the most useful features of ListJoe is its powerful cheating control. ListJoe has spent thousands of dollars to create a list building and moneymaking system that prevents internet marketers against cheating. The highly efficient anti-cheat technology makes ListJoe one of the most preferred.

#4. ListJoe also features a highly efficient tracking system. If you want to build your downline, the tracker will prove to be extremely advantageous. The tracker keeps you well informed about where your recruited referrals come from. You can keep yourself abreast of the performance of all your referral promotions.

Membership Levels (Free & Paid)

ListJoe offers business marketers four levels of membership – free, bronze, silver and gold. Even if you join as a free member, you have plenty of opportunities to build your own list and send promotional emails. On the other hand, paid members are allowed to send advertising emails regardless of whether they have earned credits or not. Paid memberships also offer you a higher commission for referring other people to the system.

Let me know whether you’ve fallen in love with ListJoe yet by checking out their website and signing up right away!

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2 thoughts on “ListJoe [Review]

  1. This sounds like I would be mailing to other affiliate marketers?

    How is this targeted traffic?

    Are you really making sales from this site.


  2. Hi John, thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 In answer to your question… It depends on what niche you are in and who your target customer is. Mine is online marketing consulting and information products to help people succeed online. The people in list builders are usually new to online marketing and don’t have a big marketing budget. This is where my targeted customer hangs out. Also you asked if I have gotten sales.. yes I have but more important I have gotten customers for my consulting business. Just make sure to target your market and you should see opt ins and sales.

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