Marketing Strategy #3

In Marketing Strategy #2 we touched on the fact that top earners don’t chase their family around and beg them to join their business.

They do this and ONLY this: ATTRACTION MARKETING.
(Hopefully you went and picked up Mike Dillard’s infamous course…this course includes concepts that ALL top earners embrace! Here’s the link again just in case…

The Internet Marketing Center

…if you don’t get this part of the equation right then NOTHING else matters!)

Lets continue…

NEWSFLASH: you have 2 target markets.

1)  Current Network Marketers

2) People Actively Looking To Get Involved In Network Marketing

And they don’t care about your business or how great your product is or how great a track record your company has.

They already have a business…and 97 networkers out of 100 that you speak to are losing more money than they’re making!

So what is it that your prospects are REALLY looking for?

People want to understand how to MARKET their business so they can actually make some money, period.

People want to find a real LEADER who can actually show them exactly how to overcome their challenges and get results.

Those are the 2 reasons people are going to join you…

They either see you as a leader who can help move them closer to their goals…

Or you have a marketing system, skills, or knowledge…
that will help them make money.

When you know how to do BOTH of those things…
people will literally be sucked to you like you’re a marketing magnet.

When you know knowledge like we teach here and on my team…you have serious advantages over 99.9% of the other network marketers out there…

There literally is ZERO competition.

Become The Hunted NOW!

The Internet Marketing Center

(this is an extension of Marketing Strategy #2 lesson…this is how VITAL attraction marketing is. We want to make sure we build a solid foundation before moving
forward together so we’ve put together some free videos for YOU!)

Oh, and get this…

Instead of you having to build a website from scratch that positions you as a leader, learn html, test, tweak, and then learn how to make it into a duplicable system for your team IF you ever see results, we’ve completed this painful process for you:


More to come in a few days!

Stay tuned… more marketing strategies to come!

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