Creating Capture Pages – Key Elements

Getting attention on the internet today is not a simple task. You need to not only grab their attention through the noise and traffic of the internet but you have to get them to spend time seeing what you offer on your site. Then you contend not only with the internet and its diversions but also the diversions of the potential customers own life. Creating capture pages are the key to keeping your list growing.

Phones ringing, appointments to get to, and life to live can greatly hamper any potential consumer from making the step of giving you their contact information if you do not have a strong capture page.

However, with instant splash, a strong capture page maker, you can ensure you receive some attention from them as they dive into the pool of possibilities that you have shown them.

When a customer visits your site and purchases anything you need to make sure that you have gotten their contact information. To not get email, phone number, or even physical mailing address means that you are losing sales from them in the future. They will buy, go away and you will never see them again. So making sure your sales forms require contact information is imperative.

If you have their sale that is a bonus but if you only have their interest then you have to give them something for free to keep them interested. Be creative with this tactic. Offering them something they can find anywhere or the same old thing is going to show them that you are just like everyone else. Offer an unusual promotional item that correlates to what you offer. Show some originality and they will be intrigued to know more.

Always follow up with them. If they give you their contact information show them that you value that by reaching out to them within twenty-four hours to acknowledge your receipt of their name, phone, email, and even physical address. You are trying to begin a relationship with this person and to do that, even in the place of buying a product from you, they want to feel special. Individual contact gives tells them that you are not just a big computer spitting out generic letters. Personalize your communication with them and show you see them and value them.

Make sure when you do communicate in any way with the public or potential or current customers that your look is clean, crisp, and up to date. Do not be too wordy with too much to read as this will make a person move on quickly. Use bright colors and imagination and something new. Do not fall into the trap of making your page look like everyone else. Make sure your copy is well worded and grammatically correct. This interaction with potential clients or customers matters so make your instant splash page by adding your picture and lots of sparkle.

Be different. We have all seen the typical capture pages with the picture of the person and their long wordy story or perhaps the unimaginative page that shows no ingenuity. Make your page stand out. Be simple in what you offer. And give the client the ability to opt out. If they do, make sure to follow up with a thank you for taking their time. This type of professional and personal behavior will keep your company in their mind. That means when they think of your product, they will think of your company your offer with a creative and professional edge.

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