Key Advantages to the New Facebook Timeline for Your Fan Page

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Facebook has introduced the Facebook Timeline to the public

providing them with the chance of changing their profile page. Facebook users who have added a timeline to their profile start a story line from their day of birth up to the present. Because this social network is catering not only to people but businesses as well, Facebook Timeline is available also for Fan Pages.

Facebook Timeline comes with features and advantages helping your business grow into the next level.

The first feature is the Cover Photo. Facebook users and members can add cover photo to their timeline. The cover photo is a bigger image like a banner. Businesses can take advantage of it by putting up an impressive logo, important events and others. It is a good and simple way to attract other users visiting your fan page. You can add an attractive cover photo while keeping in mind the restrictions that Facebook has.

The second feature that can be a great advantage is the Milestones. You can use this to record your milestones and success. You can start to record from the day your business started, the goals you have accomplished and future events with Milestone posts. You can also share to your fans and the entire Facebook community an interesting story in your timeline.

The third feature is Direct Messages that is obviously a great advantage to fan pages that wish to convey to their customers and visitors their message in a direct manner. Facebook had the option of sending messages removed since users had spam messages in their inbox each day. But Facebook has brought back the message option where businesses can communicate directly with their fans and visitors by sending messages. A direct message is like email marketing and any member who liked your page will be able to receive message in their inbox. In addition, all of your fans can send private messages and create direct contact with your business. When not needed, you can turn off the message feature as well.

The fourth feature or advantage of the Facebook Timeline into your fan page is the new admin controls and admin panel. Included in the admin panel are messages, notifications and insights in the same location. With notifications, you have the chance to make response to those who sent you messages and viewed your most recent insights. The insights allow you to analyze your fans’ preference. When adding a campaign, watch the metrics and modify it based on how your fans or visitors react.

Fan Page owners have the ability of signing five levels of admin according on their job functions. Every admin will gain access to the designated features.

The other features that are included in the Facebook Timeline that will surely be advantageous to businesses and organizations with Fan Pages include photos, likes and apps. All these can be found at the top of the page. You can change the order of these except for photos that showed up to be the first one. Your fans are then able to see the first four and they can see all once by clicking on ‘view all’.

You can also pin a post so you can share update with your community at the top of your page up to seven days. This is a great way for you to send information, advertise deals, events with images, information and links to customers.

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7 thoughts on “Key Advantages to the New Facebook Timeline for Your Fan Page

  1. Hey Patty, I’m still not used to the new timeline but your post just made a few things a bit clearer for me.

    Thank You

  2. Though the new Facebook design for brand pages comes along with several useful features, the cover photo on the page has got to play a key role. I think a good cover photo is that which talks about the personality of your brand or blog.

    Thanks for this useful share, Patty.

  3. Hey Patty I just love the new timeline with facebook it makes the site look more cleaner. Great post giving the goods thanks!

  4. I think that the new timeline looks beautiful, but I don’t like the 2 columns layout, I think that it makes it really confusing. And I must admit that I didn’t personalize my timeline so for. Thank you for reminding me that !

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