How will Bloggers Prepare for Google Reader Death?

Google Reader


The internet has been taken aback by the news released by Google just recently. Google reader will cease its operations on mid-year 2013. Many bloggers and online news enthusiasts widely use the news syndication technology also called “RSS” as a way to keep up with online news and blogs on the internet. The main benefit of Google Reader is the automation of updates on blogs and responding to requests. It is beneficial especially to the readers for they can easily navigate and look through the internet for blog entries and news of their interest. However with the sudden demise of Google Reader, a threat of a dramatic audience reduction is looming near. How can bloggers steer clear of possible damage brought about by the termination of Google Reader?


Essential Tips for Bloggers


To still continue on in reaching blog success on the internet by maintaining your audience, you would need to reconnect with the basics of effective blogging. Google Reader gives ample support to bloggers when it comes to running their site. Nevertheless, you can easily keep the momentum by administering fundamental online marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization. If you are a little less technologically savvy, you can always count on basic responsible blogging techniques widely used by even the most successful in the business of blogging. These essential tips will certainly drive the same organic traffic to your blog website even without Google Reader.


#1- Constant Updating


A blog always should be updated constantly. Online experts say the most ideal number of new entries per week should be at least five. In recent times, bloggers have seemed to become lazier in constantly updating their blogs with fresh and quality content than ever. With regular updates and quality contents on your blog, not only will your readers be pleased, but also the updating will make you gain more followers. Bloggers must know by heart that updating is not all about posting new content, but it should be about putting up worthwhile, relevant, and fresh entries.  The key tip in constantly updating your blog is to have your entries spaced at least for about a day. Posting all at once will not help your SERPs and the organic traffic driven to your blog. The website would have much more attention and response from search engines and online users when the posted content does not flood the system which usually happens when you post too much at once.


#2- Build a Routine


A blog can be much likened to a television channel. The channel might contain a lot of good programs. However, a messy scheduling will definitely put you off. A blog must at least have a routine on its posts so readers and followers can be comfortable with your blog. Bloggers had used this strategy even before Google Reader came out. Successful blogs usually have a specific time of the day when they post news, related blog content, interact with the readers, and post promotions. The predictability of your blog will have your readers feel at ease, comfortable, and even an urgency to visit because they know what to expect and when to expect it. More often than not, an established blogging pattern will have readers tune in to the blog website daily making the website receive daily amount of traffic.


#3 Use Social Media


In a short span of time, blogs have also followed the social media trend and connected blog hosting websites to popular social networks. Social media is a powerful tool for maintaining the audience and even building it to a larger scale. Bloggers can automatically update their audience through social media just like Google Reader.

I hope this article has given you some ideas for alternatives to Google Reader.  Leave a comment and let me know 🙂



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