How to Use A Facebook Fan Page to Promote Your Business

Facebook Fan Page

If you are planning start an internet based business, there are many ways to do this at very minimum cost. In this article, you will learn how to use a Facebook Fan Page to promote your business the easy way. Facebook is now the most popular social networking website in the world. Most of its features are being imitated by others, but cannot be surpassed. It is an excellent way to promote your products or services to over 500 million active users of Facebook. Best of all, it is easy to

implement and absolutely free.

The reason why you should use a Facebook Fan Page in promoting your business is that the pages are indexed. This means when you can be found in the results using any search engine such as Google. Another excellent feature of a Facebook Fan Page is that you can opt-in forms like order forms, and collect necessary information from your customers. You can also link your blog to your Facebook Fan Page account and see your recent posts on your Facebook wall too. Unlike other web applications, Facebook allows you to post videos as well, making your advertising capabilities more powerful than just plain photos and text. Using a Facebook Fan Page can also help you separate your personal account from your professional interactions online.

Just like in any conventional marketing strategy, it is always important to know who target clients are. There are over 500 million users of Facebook to date, and the types of users vary according to age, interests, and of course, location. If you believe that you can reach your target customers through Facebook, then you can start by creating your Fan Page account. It is important that you indicate the necessary information such as your business profile and helpful links. If a user is interested in your page, he or she will click on in and continue to explore the contents of your Facebook Fan Page. If you have a basic knowledge and understanding of business, it is very significant that you deliver the benefits of your product or service to your potential customers alongside the features.

The internet is a very powerful tool. Even if you don’t have web programming skills, there are many additional features that can make your Facebook Fan Page interactive and dynamic, compared to that of a static page. You can embed order forms to gather the necessary information such as the client’s name, address, and contact number. This way, your page works just like any other online store, complete with electronic transactions. If you want to spend and advertise, you can do so by paying for an ad on Facebook. This will increase your exposure to all Facebook users. Asking your friends and family to like your page is also a great way to promote your page. Even if they are not your target clients, those who see their Facebook wall will also see you Facebook Fan Page, increasing your exposure to other active users on Facebook.

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  1. Good information as always. Keep up the great work.
    Anyone building a business needs advertising and free is one of the best forms of advertisement. Facebook is a great social place to meet other people in business.

  2. Hello Patty and thank you. This is a very timely post. I have used the information you’re teaching and it has helped my business grow. Everyone should read this post and increase there free exposure throughout Facebook. Go! GO! Go!

  3. Patty,

    Great info about how to utilize facebook with a fan page. Also a great way to attract leads instead of you chasing them!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hello Patty, Besides being a great socail site, Facebook is one of the best places to get free advertising.

    Thank You

  5. Yes, all businesses need to have presence on Facebook, so people can find them and relate to them as well. Another place to truly build a fan base.

  6. Excellent post Patty! Facebook fanpage is a great tool and it is a must-have for any business. I liked your page, and I just can’t keep myself while I wait for more great tips from you.


  7. Great post Patty on how to use a Facebook Fan Page! The possibilities are endless with the new Iframe structure!

  8. Hi Patty we just connected on LinkedIn and I received your message about your blog. Very helpful info on the Facebook Fan Page. Lets talk soon.

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