How to Create Lead Sucking Copy Writing

Copy Writing

How to Create Lead Sucking Copy Writing



Copy writing on the internet is…

the process of preparing good and high quality content posts in your sales page or website for readers and consumers to read on to understand and be informed of what your product or page is all about. The availability of a well presented, concise and direct to the point copy writing can make or break the success of your web page or web site. For a website to become profitable and traffic generating it must have a professional appearance that readers and visitors can rely on and trust. A reader or a visitor is mostly likely to be attracted or more likely to spend time on a page if he sees something of value to his preferences or search, otherwise, he will move on to another page. Lead sucking copy writing can provide that type of experience for your visitors.

Writing copy should be conducted professionally and with the highest sense of factuality and credibility. Without these two elements it will be hard to raise the number of visitors on your page. The key to preparing great copy writing that can benefit your website is to prepare  content that has persuasive words for the targeted visitor or product market. It is imperative that the writer believe in his product or in his content in order to convince other readers. A good copy writer must clearly emphasize the benefits of the product being promoted and must instantly control the emotion and mindset of the reader.

When preparing great copy written content, one must utilize headlines that are worthy of a second look and grab your attention. This way, the reader becomes attached to your page even before reading the entire content. Well written sales copy must stimulate the interest of the reader and must open world of questions to pursue reading the entire content. Next, that there must be adequate discussion and presentation of what the product is all about or what the service can do. Lastly, there must me a call to action that attracts the reader to consider buying your or availing of the service you are offering. But remember to keep the copy writing promotional but not overselling as this would drive away the reader and label your site or page as potential spam site or page promising what it cannot deliver.

Another aspect of effective copy writing is to know the product you are promoting and to know the potential buyer of the specific market. This way you will know what needs to be stressed in your content like the benefits of a given product or the importance of a certain service. Maintain factual settings or aspects, avoid too much advertising. Remember, it is important to be informative but not spamming. An effective copy writer is one that can convince a reader to consider your product or even just to read on your content. There are some visitors who share what they find on the internet and it is advantageous at your end if among the shared contents product information came from you. The carefully chosen words perfectly weaved with the ideal benefits of the products and services promoted or spoken about in your content is what makes a copy writing elemental and viable to your website credibility.

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  1. Hello Patty and thank you for sharing. There is not enough great information about copy writing and those that are skilled at it seem to keep their secrets. I don’t blame them because this skill can be learned and worth millions when combined with the art of marketing. I’d like to see more post like this in the future. Well done!

  2. Copy writing is by far one of most important skills to learn when you start your online business, and it is often overlooked by beginners. Most often, money invested on copy writing courses will pay itself. Thanks for the share!

  3. Patty,

    Great post. If there two things any marketer should master: one or the other, copy writing is one. And the other carries the same weight. That would be traffic generation.

    A great source to learn copywriting is a blog called Copyblogger:Content marketing advice and solutions that work. Copyblogger just google it!

    Mike Cleveland

  4. Wow Patty! Way to go! Sharing information on copy writing was a well kept secret! Thank you for sharing. People need to know!

    Mocker Mocker

  5. I think the Internet is evolving toward more concise value loaded copy and if your articles can not be quickly scanned to provide enough incentive to initiate a more ind depth reading, it’s not going to work.

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