How Does Social Media Help My Biz?

I have been asked many times “how does social media, like

Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube help me in my business? “

On of the first things I tell people is think of social media like a party.
You are there to meet new people and find out what you might have
in common or if you even like that person.  Social media is one BIG
party to meet and greet folks.  Do not sell to them!  Let me repeat
that.  Do not sell to them!  This is a place to make connections and
meet people with the same interests as you only.

If you meet someone and you have things in common, then you just
start to get to know each other better.  This helps build trust, credibility,
and friendship.

Since I am a very visual person I thought it might be helpful to provide
a flow of how I see this in my head (if you dare to go there… lol).

Social Media

I know we live in this world of instant gratification but really taking the time to
get to know new people all over the world is such a joy and you will be rewarded in time.

2 thoughts on “How Does Social Media Help My Biz?

  1. Hi Patty,
    I heard you on the Sat. training. Thanks you.
    Where can I find the list you read and said you would post. I looked on Facebook, but don’t know where it is.


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