How Handling Rejection is Part of Doing Business

Rejection is not the end

How handling  rejection in a professional manner is important to your business.


Someone once said that if you are not receiving enough rejections in your selling, then you aren’t probably trying to sell enough. In other words, rejections from your prospects are part and parcel of marketing and selling. Hence, how you handle rejection from your prospective customers determines how far you’ll succeed with the art of selling. In other words, handling rejection is something you have to train yourself on if you are to become a better marketer or sales person. The following are some quick tips on how to handling rejections.

‘No’ does not mean that your product is bad: Hearing the word ‘no’ from a prospective customer is not something you would want to hear at all. However, a professional sales person should understand that the prospect was simply not ready to buy the product at the moment, or he/she did not need the product, or simply you did not convince them enough as to why they should buy the product. Handling rejection in this manner is good for your confidence; otherwise you might be tempted to imagine that your products and services are awful, hence the rejections.

Treat rejection as feedback and not as a judgment: Maybe the customer rejected your offer because it doesn’t seem to solve her/his needs. There is nothing wrong with your product or service having defects; therefore, use the market feedback to make improvements. This kind of approach will make it easier for you to fulfill customer’s needs.

Build relationship: One reason why you might be performing dismally in the marketing arena could be because you are not creating strong bonds with your customers. Understand that people are more likely to buy from people they like, and have some strong relationship with. Handling rejections entail forming a close customer relationship with the prospects.

Talk and learn from others: Learning from others, especially the experienced entrepreneurs can be fruitful. Handling rejections through hearing other individuals’ personal experiences is quite fulfilling, and it is also one of the wisest things you can do; nonetheless, you also need to appreciate the fact that each person has a unique experience.

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