How to Increase Link Popularity

Search engines are the gateway to the Internet; they are the first tool that potential customers use to find the products and services they need. This is why link popularity is so imperative. If the customers do not find your Online Home Business then you have no possibilities of making any sales.

You’re probably wondering what the blaze is popular about a link! Well, in a word – plenty! Link popularity refers to the ranking assigned to your website by the search engines, and it determines the ranking your page gets when keywords are entered into a search engine. ┬áSo, you’re probably wondering, how do I make my link popular?

Search engines are discretionary, giving status and ranking to sites that have links to their pages from related, quality sites. It’s a simple formula, but a very important one. Google created the system, and now virtually all the most popular search engines employ it to rank your web pages in their indexes.

You can keep links of your Online Home Business on other related top ranked websites that will advertise your business and increase your inbound links.  Link exchange is considered as 1 of the tools for SEO that will help make your site one of the top ranking on all major search engines. As compared to other tools of SEO, link exchange is less expensive. You will only be charged if someone clicks on your link. In the same way if someone clicks on your outbound link you will generate revenue.

Why Link Building Is So Important

The link building process is perhaps the most important task to any and all websites. There are many ways that you can build links. The reasons you need to do this is for page rank and increasing your traffic. It is also important to make your website search engine friendly.

All websites that are successful have a large amount of links to their website throughout the entire internet. Getting those links up and running as well as making sure they stay available for people to click on is pretty much the entire process of building links.

If you are a newly established website then you are concentrating on getting traffic. No matter what product, service, or information you are offering it will make no difference to whether or whether not people are visiting your website. Getting your web page or even your blog to show up on a popular search engine results page is easier said than done. Being on the top of result pages is your long term goal but there are many things to do in order to get there.

If you are trying to promote your blog to get noticed then you need to be active in certain areas. Be active in the blog community by constantly updating your blog and reading other blogs as well. You need to consider that everyone wants feedback so if you come across a blog that genuinely interests you then you should say so in the comment area.

If the blog is relative to your blog then feel free to post a link along with your comment. Make sure that blog is similar in subject or topic to yours because if it is not then a web crawler will recognize it as a spam link and it will not count towards your page rank.

Web crawlers are very important to understand because they scan your entire website or blog. Then the information gathered is fed back to the search engine that owns the crawler or bot. This is where the amount of keyword density your website has can help or hurt your chances.

Having a keyword density that is too high, such as anything over two percent, will be read as junk or spam content by the bot. It will then ignore the site but not indexing it for search results. Bots and web crawlers are constantly scanning the internet for new and changing content. If you change your website to be search engine friendly it will better entice them to include your website in search results the next time it gets scanned.

Link building is very important because page rank is the key to getting on the first pages of search results. Every link that you have on another website that when clicked will take the user to your website counts as a vote towards your page rank. Basically, post more links that take users to your web page or blog and you will see results. The purpose of this is that if a website trusts your website enough to host a link of yours of their page then a search engine should trust your page too.


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