3 Key Elements To A Content Marketing Strategy

3 Key Elements To A Content Marketing Strategy

First we should define content marketing.

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience to ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Now let’s do a little research…
Element 1: “valuable” content

This is extremely important to reach your target audience. You need to know who your audience is so you can track what kind of content they are sharing and where are they sharing it.  If you have not defined your target audience then you can read how to do that in my post: “Have You Identified Your Ideal Customer Yet?”

Are they on social media, forums, communities, and groups, etc.?  Start paying attention to the questions and issues they are having.

Element 2: “relevant” content

Now that you know what kind of content your target audience is sharing and where they are sharing it, you can create content that will help with the issues and/or problems they are talking about. Just jump into the conversation by giving solutions or where they may find solutions.  Do not sell here, just  be helpful.

You will start to build your authority, brand awareness, and active followers by providing relevant content.

Element 3: “consistent” content

Content consistency is key to keeping the targeted audience informed and interested in the information you are providing.  Whatever your plan is; once a week, once a day, three times a week, etc.  you need to stick with that plan.  This will help your audience know when to expect your content and keep them curious and interested.

You can check out the video I did here to help put this all together:


Now it’s time to create a content execution plan.

This plan should include detailed information like how many videos, blog posts, webinars per week. Go ahead and schedule them on your calendar.

You can take one valuable, relevant idea and create many different forms of content from that idea. This will help with consistency 🙂

As an example:

I will take questions from my audience and then turn them into articles, video and visuals to syndicated my content on the different social sites.  Take a look at this blog post for example.  I created a picture for the heading (Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, etc.),  then created a video (YouTube), and another graphic for the Call To Action (CTA).

As long as I am posting my content according to my content marketing strategy all of these media are helping me be consistent.

The last part of this content marketing strategy is to make sure you are driving people to the site you want to create your profitable customer action. Yep, your money making site!  That’s why I pull it all together on my blog!

Having a content marketing strategy will help stop the frustration and overwhelm you may be feeling in regards to creating content for your business on a regular basis.

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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Now!

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Now!

We spend hours doing research for topics for our blogs.  Then putting it into a format that we are comfortable sharing that content.

You could use written articles for your blog, or use video, or pictures, or a combination of all three!

Okay so now you have your content on your blog…

How do I get people to see it, share it, and comment on the content?

Today I am sharing my methods with you; both free and paid to get traffic to my blog.  I cover it all in the video below.

Blog Traffic

Here are my top methods for getting targeted traffic to my blog:

Onlywire – you can submit your blog content to over
50 social sites at the push of a button!  You can
also set this up to pick up your WordPress site or
RSS feeds to post automatically for you. Very
inexpensive way to get your blog content seen.

HootSuite – You can notify all your Facebook groups,
LinkedIn groups and company page, Google + company
page.  Plus it’s a great way to communicate with all
your social sites in one place!  Very small monthly investment.

*  Send an email to your list to notify them about your new blog post.

These methods are just a tip of the blog traffic iceberg!

I also recommend searching for content sharing communities on Google + and on LinkedIn.  These are great ways to get your blog posts seen and comment/shared.

Here is one in the Google+ communities I started and you are welcome to join today!  Just click below to join 🙂

Integrity Networker Content Sharing Community
(This opens a new window)

Here is a short video talking about all of the methods I mentioned above:

I would love to hear from you about how you generate traffic to your blog, so just leave a comment below 🙂

Oh and if you found this video helpful, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel right here.

5 Current Rules For Quality Blog Traffic

5 Current Rules for Quality Blog Traffic


One of the very best ways to create quality blog traffic is to build an audience and create some buzz. The more you engage with your audience the more loyal they will be and they will follow you and share your content. This will drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Here are 5 current rules for creating quality blog traffic:

Rule 1: Create your own content

By becoming a curator you are standing out from the crowed. You want to make sure you are giving your viewpoint, your expressions and feelings, and recommendations to be able to build your audience. This is how they will connect with you.

Rule 2: Write stories that will engage your audience and what people are looking for – what’s trending now?

Writing about trending items is a great way to get traffic. Do some research on what is trending now and use the trending terms as your keywords. Here are a few places to see what is trending now:

* Look on the right side of the newsfeed in Facebook. There is a trending box.

* On the left side of your feed in Twitter there is a Trends area

* Search “what’s trending now” and this will provide you with a list of different social sites like Yahoo News, BuzzFeed, YouTube, etc.

Rule 3: Promote your content

I know this sounds like the obvious, but you want to make sure this new content gets seen. I use HootSuite to syndicate to social sites. Another place I use is called Onlywire. With a push of a button I can syndicate my new content to over 30 sites!

Rule 4: Re-Purpose your content

Building content in different formats will provide your audience the ability to comment and share with the format they connect with the most. Some ideas are taking your article and create a slide deck (share on slideshare.net), create Infographics that tell the story (share on Pinterest), create video to illustrate a certain point you are trying to make (publish on YouTube).

If you would like to see more on this topic please visit my blog under the Video Training tab.

Rule 5: Plan your posting execution

To make sure you are engaging your audience and generating leads from your content I highly recommend that you create a “content marketing plan”. This will help you plan your content on a weekly basis. This will also let you do the keyword research once. With some tools, such as WordPress, HootSuite, Onlywire you can pre-schedule your posts. This also helps when you are on vacation!

Once you have mastered these 5 rules to get quality blog traffic you should be seeing your website get more visits and you should see your audience grow.

For more information on blogging please click here to see The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post now!