Your Magic Slot Machine

Magic Slot MAchine

How Would You Like Your Very Own Magic Slot Machine?

You walk into a casino and you can just feel the excitement…

The hope and all the bright lights take you in. You can hardly wait to put that money to work for you and win BIG!

You wander around for a little while looking for the right opportunity for you and then you spot it…

Sitting down at the “Wheel of Fortune” you just know this shiny machine is just the one for you. You start to plug quarters into the machine like its play money.

After a little while of losing money you are starting to win! You might even break even now that you are on a winning streak.

Keep plugging in those quarters!

Now you can think about your marketing efforts in the same way…

You drive traffic (plugging in the quarters) to your capture page (the shiny slot machine) then give your subscriber a front end offer (win a little back) then build a relationship through helpful content (breaking even now with promise to win big) and then promote a back end offer (winning big) that will knock the subscribers socks off.

Now we all know that not everyone wins big. A lot of people give up when they break even or win a little.

But wouldn’t that pay for your entertainment (your marketing costs)?

One of the biggest issues in any business is to recover your costs on marketing and advertising. If you can not only recover those costs but actually make money from your advertising….

You win BIG!

So in order to accomplish this big win you will need to set up your very own Magic Slot Machine (your sales funnel) with the right elements to trigger small to larger sales for you while exceeding your subscriber’s expectations.

Your Magic Slot Machine Setup:

Before you create or purchase any traffic to your Magic Slot Machine you will need to make sure that you have created (and tested) a capture page that will offer a solution to their problem in exchange for their contact information.

Next in the process comes the front end offer. This is where you will break even or even make money with your marketing expenses. You want to make sure this offer is low cost with 10 times the value of the solution. Usually information products are a great front end offer. You can pack them full of informative content for very low cost.

Now we start to build a relationship with the subscriber. If the subscriber has purchased the front end offer you can ask questions about it or provide even more value by giving them more information on the topic. If your subscriber has not purchased the front end product you can provide examples of how the front end product has helped you and what the results were. Real life examples and stories are great to use here. Also if you have any testimonials from other people that have had results from using the information on your front end product they are great tools to help your subscribers decide to purchase.

Once you have started to build the relationship with your buyers and subscribers then you can offer the back end offer to them. This offer should be in the same line of information the subscriber originally wanted. Something like more extensive training or maybe you have a little higher priced ticked item that you are an affiliate for that relates to the original offer. You get the idea J

Remember your job here is to offer your subscribers solutions even if they don’t join your primary business. Give them options and let them decide. People do not like to be sold, but they do love to buy!

Now with all this in place you are ready to create and purchase traffic to your Magic Slot Machine!

To get your Magic Slot Machine completely done for youCheck out The Super Affiliate Network right here and now 🙂

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Patty Scheeler

P.S. Let’s get your Magic Slot Machine running!

Wanna Join The Attraction Marketing Mastermind?

Special Invitation For You…

Private Mastermind Group

Still on track for your business goals?

I have an invitation for you today for something special I have been putting together for you.

More on that a little later…

First I want to ask you a few questions about how things are going for you and your business…

* Are you getting the results you were expecting?

* Do you feel like you are getting the mentoring you need to bring in new clients and customers?

* Are you making the financial goals you set for this year?

* Do you want to get your business on the right track?

If you can’t answer Yes to the questions above I have an invitation for you 🙂

I thought it would be a great idea to put together a Private Mastermind Community on Google+.

If you are open to listening, learning, and putting what you are taught into action so you can reach those goals you set this is for you!

We will be using the “Attraction Marketing Formula” as our guide book over the next few weeks.

Here is an overview of what we will be covering:

Hangout #1 (60 mins) Topics:

*  Get to know each other and grab a running buddy

*  Overview of what “Attraction Marketing” means

*  Choosing your target market

*  Researching your target market

Hangout #2 (30 mins) Topics:

*  Q&A from Hangout

*  Overview of what you get as an affiliate for Elite Marketing Pro

Hangout #3 (60 mins) Topics:

*  How to identify who your ideal customer is

*  Creating a capture page to find those ideal customers

*  Building a relationship with your leads via email series

*  Traffic Generation

Hangout #4 (30 mins) Topics:

*  Q&A from Hangout #3

Each one of these topics are covered in the Attraction Marketing
Formula but…

in this PRIVATE Mastermind group I will be showing you over my shoulder (and recording each session) how each of these topics are done step by step and answer your questions in a followup hangout.

You will also have the opportunity to meet other marketers and build relationships there.  Maybe even find a running buddy 🙂

Now with that said, this will be generic marketing training and no specific companies can be named.  Also NO affiliate links will be allowed.

Each session will be recorded and put into the Private community for you to review as many times as you would like 🙂

So I am sure you are thinking “How do I get to join this Private Mastermind community?”.

All you need to do is to is purchase the Attraction Marketing Formula right here.  Think of this as your book for class.

Once I see your purchase of the guide, I will send you an invitation to the community on Google+.  Please make sure you have a Gmail account 🙂

It’s just that easy!

Buy your guide for the class and come prepared to have some fun, meet new people, and work you way to reaching those financial goals you have set for your business.

I look forward to seeing you in the sessions!


Patty Scheeler




P.S.  If you already own a copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos, then there will be a $27 fee to join.  Just reply to this email and I will send you the PayPal information you will need 🙂

What Do I Do First For My Online Business?

What Do I Do First For My Online Biz_


I get this question a lot…

“Where do I start, what do I do first?”

I was thinking about this question this morning while I was swimming.

There were about 4 different swim classes going on while I was swimming my laps for the day.

All the classes were at different levels of learning…

There was the “go under water and blow bubbles group”.

Then there were the ones “holding onto a kick board” and kicking there way down the lane.

Then I saw the group learning to “kick and move their arms forward”, learning to do the crawl stroke.

The last group I saw today was learning how to do the “back stroke”.

As you can see this really got me thinking about the different levels of learning how to start and run an online business.

First you need to learn the concept of marketing…

Back in 2006 I ran across a little book called “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard.

It changed the way I looked at my business and how I approached networking forever.


I went from cold calling, sharing with friends and family, and telling anyone that would listen to me about my new online business…

to building a solid business, and relationships with my team members that stuck around.

All because of this one little book 🙂

I now use this same Attraction Marketing method for all my clients and team members.

Ferny Ceballos, founder of No Excuses Summit, took Mike Dillard’s concepts and created a new training course called “Attraction Marketing Formula”.

The “Attraction Marketing Formula” is a strong foundation for introducing you to effective advertising, copywriting, and lead generation.

In order to achieve the success you truly desire in your home business, you will have to maintain
a consistent, ongoing study of this and other resources.

This is the very beginning!  This is where you learn the overall concept of marketing online without drowning!

I highly recommend the “Attraction Marketing Formula” by Ferny Ceballos.

It is the definitive guide to attracting endless leads and customers to your business using the internet.

Yep!  It’s a guide.

A guide that I have used to base my entire online business and re-read at least every 6 months.


If you want to start from the beginning and learn the right way, step by step, this guide will be your very first step!

Take the plunge and dive in now!

Get your Attraction Marketing Formula guide here.

AMF Guide