4 Step Video Creation


Videos… Do you do them?

If not you certainly should!


Because using videos online is one of the best ways (okay, THE Best way) to create very targeted leads for your business.

It’s more personal than anything else you can do when reaching out to prospects.  They get to know you and your personality a lot faster that any other medium.

Here is a short 3 min video where I share with you my 4 step video creation process.

Step 1 is a nice introduction of who you are and what you will be covering.  This is a nice way to warm up your audience.  Let them get to know you a bit 🙂

Step 2 is define the question or problem you will be answering.  Let them know exactly the problem or question that you will be covering in your video.

Step 3 is to fully answer the question or problem that you are solving for your audience.  This is where you really need to shine.  The viewers are there to find out how to solve their problem or issue.  Don’t hold back!  Really provide value and help them.

Step 4 is to add your Call To Action.  Many forget to do this step and it’s really important!  Let them know what you want them to do next.  Don’t beat around the bush… tell them exactly what you want them to do!

The more videos you do the easier it gets!  Especially if you follow the 4 step video creation process.

The blog post referenced in the video is here.

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