Business Tips For Using Social Media

Is Social Media Working For You-







Is Social Media Working For You?

Trying to build a business on social media?

How’s that going for ya?

Love it?  Hate it?  Don’t understand how it is supposed to work?

Here are a few tips for you that I learned the hard way:

Tip #1 – Choose Your Social Media

Make sure you pick one social media platform to start.  Only One.  Research where your target audience is hanging out and start there:-)

Learn how that specific platform works in detail.  Each one is different and has different rules for posting.

Tip #2 – Create a Detailed Profile

Make sure to create a very detailed profile.  This is where your target audience will look (meet you) first.  They will be looking for things in your profile that resonate with them, pique their interest.  Remember you are branding yourself.  People work with people not businesses!

Tip #3 – Post Awesome Content!

It’s the very best way to win people over.  Giving them consistent quality content that engages them and provides value. That’s how you create a tribe of followers.  Make them want to check in with you and see what you are sharing next:-)

Tip #4 – Call to Action

If you want people to take action on what you have posted… tell them!  “Grab Your Free Report Here” or “Click Here To Learn More” or “Comment Below To Tell Me What You Think”.

Get the conversation going and then keep it going!  This is social 🙂  Have fun with this and change up your call to action based on your post.

I hope you found value in this post!  Feel free to leave a comment and/or share with others!


Patty Scheeler


Stop Paying Aweber For Dead Leads!

Tired of Dead Leads-



Are you paying Aweber for dead leads?

When I first started out building my list no one ever told me that I should be cleaning it up each month.

After a couple of years I ended up with over a thousand leads that were not paying attention to me at all.

Oh, and to top it off…

I had been paying Aweber all along for these leads to ignore me!

So I did some research on Aweber and they showed me how to segment the “no open” leads and then send them a reactivation email to get them paying attention or off my list. Very helpful 🙂

I shot this video today so I could show you EXACTLY how this is done:

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