Do you sometimes feel like you are paying way too much of
your business budget for some of the business tools to run your
online biz?

The first time I received an increase in my autoresponder bill
from Aweber, I was surprised. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s
a good thing to have your list grow along with your business.


Did you know that you are paying for people that have
opted out or if their email bounced?

Sound incredible?

Why would you pay for them? You can’t contact them. They don’t
want to hear from you. Some even put a bogus email in from
the get go.

Watch this short video on how to keep your list clean you
will find out Exactly how to stop paying for people you can’t
reach anyway!

Click the video below to watch now.

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I have been thinking a lot about motivation lately.


As most of my followers know I had an accident almost 6 months ago.

I was helping a neighbor across the street after a raging snow and ice storm. I didn’t want her to fall and break something…

I slid on the ice and snow while holding her arm and broke MY ankle very badly.

No good deed goes unpunished??

The original ambulance slid into one of my neighbor’s yards while trying to get to me.

I had to be put on a sled and pulled for about ½ mile out of the neighborhood to one of the fireman’s personal pickup truck and then transferred to the 2nd ambulance. Away we went to the hospital emergency room.

We live about 4 miles from the hospital (as the crow flies) and it took me over 2 hours to get there from the time I broke my ankle to the emergency room.

Quite an adventure! You can’t make this stuff up :-)

Needless to say, I had emergency surgery that night and they put in a 4 inch metal plate with 8 screws on one side, 2 more screws on the other side and 2 more in the front.

Since I was the only one running my business it came to a screeching halt… for 4 months.

(This is an excellent reason to have residual income from multiple streams.)

This really gave me time to think about how to stay motivated during my recovery, and then starting my business back again.

I found that if I read at least one motivational quote per day it really did wonders for my recovery and attitude.

I put together this small motivational movie to share some of my favorite quotes with you along with my own photography.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for being patient for me to recover and be back online :-)

YouTube Preview Image

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Are you into mobile marketing yet?

 Mobile MarketingIn the age of technology, mobile devices are being used more and more to access the internet. Every year the numbers of users that log in the internet using mobile devices are increasing significantly. To webmasters, this is a dilemma that needs to be addressed immediately as mobile displays code differently than in traditional websites. This means that a website that is not mobile friendly will have trouble being displayed properly, or may not even be displayed at all. The statistics have spoken, and now, websites are scrambling to create effective ways to crack mobile marketing to reach a wider range of customers. This is why you should hire a marketing company that is well-versed and affordable on all the various methods in mobile marketing in order to take advantage of this new area of advertisement.

Mobile devices are steadying their grip on the online industry; they have a lot of advantages over their bulkier counterparts, mainly their size and compact ability. This all comes from today’s fast paced lifestyle as people on the go will need to be able to connect to the internet anywhere. The biggest hurdle online businesses will face when heading into mobile marketing is that the programming in mobile based websites are completely different from what they normally do. This means that they need to learn a vastly different approach in order to accommodate the rising interest in mobile friendly websites. Fortunately, you can hire a professional and highly experienced mobile marketing company to handle all the kinks into integrating your product and showing them to a wider range of potential customers.

A key pointer when creating an effective mobile marketing campaign is by knowing who your target audiences are. Who will most likely view your website and what device will they possibly use? By figuring this puzzle out, you can focus on optimizing your strategy to accommodate your most likely audience. Another feature you should include in your design is to have all the important navigational buttons, information and key features readily available to the internet visitor. Mobile users will not have the patience to scroll through your entire page due, in fact, to the size of their screen. So always be sure to position key elements front and center.

As you can see, a successful mobile marketing strategy is not exactly easy, but it is not unattainable either. While mobile developers will not have web compatibility in their top priority, it is up to the web developers, and designers to fill in that gap. Keeping a website as simple as possible without hurting its design and uniqueness is for the time being; the only way to hurdle over the mobile compatibility blockade. It is vital for online businesses to make use of the best and most affordable mobile marketing company service in order to not only reach more customers but also increase their profit generation as well.

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