Attraction Marketing Formula

What is Attraction Marketing?

I get asked this often. When people ask me what I do…. I explain that I teach “attraction marketing” methods that I have learned and still use over the years.

Almost 10 years ago I started looking around online on how I might be able to make some money online. I had left my corporate job and was way too young to qualify for retirement.


I started looking around online for a way to make money. There was plenty of information online back then (but not as much crap as now!).

I happened across a product by Mike Dillard called “Magnetic Sponsoring” and immediately purchased it.


It was life changing for me. It really helped me understand all the things I was doing wrong. I haven’t made a cold call since J People call me!

If you would like to read a review that I wrote a few years ago just go here: “Magnetic Sponsoring [Review]” .

Now with that said, Mike is in the process of re-releasing an updated version on Amazon that I believe will be out sometime in the next couple of months.

My point in telling you this background story is that as most people in the network marketing industry have heard the term “attraction marketing” and many use this method to build their business today. Because it flat out works!

And the good news is (drum roll)…

The newest edition of Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos is released!!

I have gotten my hands on an advanced copy and I am here to tell you that it is awesome.

Each chapter is a step by step process to really expand your business now. Ferny has used this as a manual to build his No Excuses business. Many of his students have gone on to make at least 6 figure incomes.

There are a few months left in this calendar year. Take advantage of this wonderful resource to finishing this year with a bang and position your success for 2015.

If you are still struggling to make it online, or just getting started, or just want to see a step by step guide – grab your copy right here, right now of theAttraction Marketing Formula”.


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5 Current Rules for Quality Blog Traffic


One of the very best ways to create quality blog traffic is to build an audience and create some buzz. The more you engage with your audience the more loyal they will be and they will follow you and share your content. This will drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Here are 5 current rules for creating quality blog traffic:

Rule 1: Create your own content

By becoming a curator you are standing out from the crowed. You want to make sure you are giving your viewpoint, your expressions and feelings, and recommendations to be able to build your audience. This is how they will connect with you.

Rule 2: Write stories that will engage your audience and what people are looking for – what’s trending now?

Writing about trending items is a great way to get traffic. Do some research on what is trending now and use the trending terms as your keywords. Here are a few places to see what is trending now:

* Look on the right side of the newsfeed in Facebook. There is a trending box.

* On the left side of your feed in Twitter there is a Trends area

* Search “what’s trending now” and this will provide you with a list of different social sites like Yahoo News, BuzzFeed, YouTube, etc.

Rule 3: Promote your content

I know this sounds like the obvious, but you want to make sure this new content gets seen. I use HootSuite to syndicate to social sites. Another place I use is called Onlywire. With a push of a button I can syndicate my new content to over 30 sites!

Rule 4: Re-Purpose your content

Building content in different formats will provide your audience the ability to comment and share with the format they connect with the most. Some ideas are taking your article and create a slide deck (share on, create Infographics that tell the story (share on Pinterest), create video to illustrate a certain point you are trying to make (publish on YouTube).

If you would like to see more on this topic please visit Integrity Networker Training site.

Rule 5: Plan your posting execution

To make sure you are engaging your audience and generating leads from your content I highly recommend that you create a “content marketing plan”. This will help you plan your content on a weekly basis. This will also let you do the keyword research once. With some tools, such as WordPress, HootSuite, Onlywire you can pre-schedule your posts. This also helps when you are on vacation!

Once you have mastered these 5 rules to get quality blog traffic you should be seeing your website get more visits and you should see your audience grow.

For more information on blogging please click here to see The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post now!

5 Key Elements to Setting Goals


5 Key Elements to Setting Goals

As any business owner knows, you must have a reason why you are in business. There must be objectives in mind to serve your market place by creating value to your customers.

Setting goals for your business helps you stay on track to meet those objectives for your customers and for your business to become profitable.

Listed below are the 5 key elements that helped me with setting goals for my business and why I believe they are important.


  1. Strategic goals that are specific. – Being specific is very important. You can’t just set a goal to make more money and expect it will happen. State your goal with a specific intent (15% increase in sales). Why it’s important to achieve that specific goal. What is involved in achieving that goal?


  1. Measurable – The goal you created must be able to be measured. If you can’t measure the specific goal how will you know if you are making progress? Or even when you meet your goal?


  1. Attainable – Make sure the goal you set is something that is realistic and achievable. I use 3 categories; short term goals, medium term goals, and long term goals. This helps keep the goals based in reality.


  1. Relevant – Are the goals you set moving you toward that strategic goal that you set earlier? Make sure that it is result based and aligns with your customers needs.


  1. Time Based – When setting goals in each of the 3 categories listed above make sure you have given a realistic time frame that the goals can be completed. I stretch mine out a little here because you never know what is going to come up to get in the way temporarily.

Once you have completed setting goals for your business you should be able to create a daily task list to make sure you stay on track.

I also review and adjust my goals every three months to make sure they still make sense and are heading in the direction I want my business to go.

A lot of people miss this setting goal activity for their business and end up floundering Don’t let that happen to you. You should have everything you need to be able to set goals for your business now!