3 Tips To Staying Focused Working at Home

3 Tips To Staying Focused Working at Home

Ever get distracted while working from home?

I bet just about everyone could answer yes to that question!

I know I can :)

One of the hardest parts about working from home for me as well as many others has been to stay focused on income producing activities.

There are so many “shiny objects” out there to check out. Oh, and don’t even get me started on all the social sites! I could spend all day on them… lol

So how do I keep myself from surfing and socializing all day long?

Well, I keep a very organized work space. I have a dedicated room (one of my grown son’s old bedroom) and turned it into my office.


My Home Office

There is no TV in my office; just nothing but music, my computer, and my dream board with lots of family on it :)
Part of staying focused is building good work habits so it will become second nature to you.

I have found working from home for the last 10+ years that it is best to use the 3 tips below to stay focused. I hope they help you too!

Next are my 3 tips to staying focused…

Tip 1: Work in 60-90 minute blocks. Set a timer and take a break after each cycle. Get up and walk around :)

Tip 2: Turn off all sites, including your email. Only have open what you are working on.

Tip 3: Keep a weekly routine. We all have tasks that we do on a weekly basis.

For example: Mondays I know I need to post a picture (with a story) on Instagram and send it out to my list and to other social sites. Tuesdays are for videos, and so on…

There are many online tools that can be used to help with the 3 tips to staying focused above.

I use Google Calendar to block out time on my calendar to get the tasks done first.

I also use the Google extension called Keep. I put my entire weekly routine on it by day. It also has the ability to set reoccurring tasks for those items that we all do each week.
Then I just add any tasks to the proper day that are a one off tasks. I know that some use Evernote too. Either tool works just fine.

What do you do to stay focused?

I would love to hear what works for you! Leave a comment below and share:)

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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Now!

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Now!

We spend hours doing research for topics for our blogs.  Then putting it into a format that we are comfortable sharing that content.

You could use written articles for your blog, or use video, or pictures, or a combination of all three!

Okay so now you have your content on your blog…

How do I get people to see it, share it, and comment on the content?

Today I am sharing my methods with you; both free and paid to get traffic to my blog.  I cover it all in the video below.

Blog Traffic

Here are my top methods for getting targeted traffic to my blog:

Onlywire – you can submit your blog content to over
50 social sites at the push of a button!  You can
also set this up to pick up your WordPress site or
RSS feeds to post automatically for you. Very
inexpensive way to get your blog content seen.

HootSuite – You can notify all your Facebook groups,
LinkedIn groups and company page, Google + company
page.  Plus it’s a great way to communicate with all
your social sites in one place!  Very small monthly investment.

*  Send an email to your list to notify them about your new blog post.

These methods are just a tip of the blog traffic iceberg!

I also recommend searching for content sharing communities on Google + and on LinkedIn.  These are great ways to get your blog posts seen and comment/shared.

Here is one in the Google+ communities I started and you are welcome to join today!  Just click below to join :)

Integrity Networker Content Sharing Community
(This opens a new window)

Here is a short video talking about all of the methods I mentioned above:

I would love to hear from you about how you generate traffic to your blog, so just leave a comment below :)

Oh and if you found this video helpful, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel right here.

How Do You Learn?

How Do You Learn?


We all have different methods of learning…

As children we were taught to sit still in a classroom and listen.
But not everyone learns best that way.

As a Mom I learned that my two sons learned in very different ways.

My oldest son learned best by reading and studying then talking about what he was learning.  What great discussions we still have to this day!

My youngest son learned best by taking things apart to see how they worked. He needed the “hands on” approach. Even if not many things made it back together…lol

In my years of helping others learn how to build their businesses online, I personally found that having at least one mentor that can look at your work and give you honest feedback based on their knowledge is priceless.

That is, if they have proven that they are actually making it online.

 How do you learn?

 Teach Me

I know that most people online are having a very hard time making money or maybe are only making a little.  Some are even spending more than they make!

“Having a personal coach can make all the difference in the world to your business.”  I heard this same statement from all of the 6+ figure earners at the last live marketing summit in Las Vegas.

I found an awesome coaching program that is not expensive and taught me a ton of information.

The coaching includes;

* Building a solid foundation for your business

* Launching your 6-figure business

* Power branding your new business

* All with your own Personal coach!
(you also get to work directly with me too!)

It’s called Ignition Coaching if you would like to check it out.

Is it time for you to take control over your future?

My friend Tim Erway is footing most of the bill for this awesome coaching program.

Because he has already blazed the trail for you to make as much money as your little heart desires. And achieve total freedom and independence that you truly deserve.

It’s all waiting for you inside the Ignition Coaching Program.

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Learn From A Personal Coach